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Frozen Banana Yogurt Bites

These frozen banana yogurt bites are GOOD, good. I’m not joking here. They are addictively good. The best part about it? They aren’t bad for you! I mean it when I say good. Delicious enough that I would go for these in the freezer over ice cream. Yes, you actually read that right. 

What is the even better part you may ask? The entire family digs them! From my almost two year old to my sweets loving five year old and the rest of my crew too! 

They are perfect for my toddler who is popping teeth out left and right. A nutritious treat that is cold and soothing for her gums. They aren’t as messy as these ingredients in their original form either. Always a win. 

For me they are a great snack to grab when my sweet tooth has a hankering for something special. It is much less expensive to make a couple big batches of these and much more of a healthy option than ice cream or chocolates. 

Oh, and I have I mentioned how easy these are? SO easy. Only 4 ingredients and it takes less than 10 minutes to prepare a good size batch of them. 

Frozen Banana Yogurt Bites

This recipe is a very – measure with your heart – kind of recipe. The ingredients are simple and you don’t need much. It is easy to get creative too. 

Four ingredients: bananas, yogurt, sunflower butter (we have a nut allergy in our home) but any nut butter works and chia seeds. 

frozen banana ingredients

That is it. Easy! I know this doesn’t sound like it would be as spectacular as I am preaching but it really is. Freezing them brings it to the next level of… yum!

I feel like I should go grab a handful right now as we speak. 

The process is going to take you under 10 minutes and is so straight forward. So, lets whip up a batch and then you can kick back and thank me later. 

Step 1: Start by peeling and cutting your bananas into slices – 1/4 to 1/2 inch slices.

A sheet trays worth was two bananas for us!

That will go pretty quickly for my family of five as a snack so you judge how much you want to put away. I’d suggest making a couple of sheet pans worth and having them readily available for craving fingers. 

Step 2: Line a baking sheet with wax paper to help with sticking. Lay your slices down and use a cup, spoon or fork to smash them. 

This part might get slippery. I found it beneficial to use a small glass cup and steady the slice with my finger until the smash started to push down.

frozen banana mash


Step 3: Cover bites with yogurt. You don’t need much! Just a tiny touch and spread will do but you could go all out and dip the slices right into yogurt! 

I used a vanilla yogurt but any flavor will do. You can get super creative with these little heavenly bites.

frozen banana yogurt

Step 4: Warm about 2 tablespoons worth of sunflower or nut butter until drizzle consistency. Drizzle over bananas. 

Some nut butters are naturally thicker than others. The drizzle might be a bit more delicate with butters that warm and melt easier. Sunflower butter is very thick so you can see that my drizzle was not as pretty. (Still tasted divine!)

Step 5: Sprinkle with chia seeds! 

Chia seeds not your thing? Try out some other options…

  • Shaved coconut
  • Cinnamon
  • Granola bits
  • Chocolate chunks
  • Smashed cereal flakes
  • Crushed nuts


Step 6: Freeze your sheet pan for at least 2 hours! Then enjoy. 

These are incredibly nostalgic for me. They remind me of a peanut butter and banana sandwich. For me is a childhood classic. This was something my mom made often. Peanut butter and jelly is a lot of children’s go to but for our house it was pb&b! 

When I bite into these bits of frozen goodness it has all of the flavors of this classic without the heavy bread involved. 

You can have a handful of these at the end of the night and not feel that extra carb load before bed. Win!

And for my family, I am always looking for good, healthy and nutritional snacks that all of my kiddos will enjoy even with their spread out ages.

My toddler goes nuts for these (non) nut yogurt bites. A frozen treat without all of the artificial sugars involved. Which makes my mama heart happy!

frozen banana bites


Frozen Yogurt Variations

You can really amp up the flavor profile of these pretty easily. Lets check out some other recipes I’ve found that you just have to give a go!


Frozen Banana Bites – 4 Ways by Busy Little Chefs

All four of these looks incredible but the key lime version tops the charts. What a beautiful snack! The color variations are so fun for the little ones, too!

frozen banana 4 ways

Image credit: Busy Little Chefs


Muffin Tin Yogurt Bites by Eats Amazing

If you want more yogurt in your treat, this is the recipe for you! Very easy to make. This might be a good one to try for the tinier chefs. 

frozen banana muffin

Image credit: Eats Amazing


Frozen Yogurt Berry Bites by Happiness is Homemade

What a perfect summer snack! Or if you are dreaming of summer, these will be sure to bring a little summer feel right inside! 

frozen yogurt bites

Image credit: Happiness is Homemade


Want to skip the store bought yogurt and make your own? We have you covered! Homemade Vanilla Yogurt or How to Make Your Own Yogurt in a Crockpot will take care of that ingredient without a trip to the store. 


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