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Grocery Shopping Review of Is It Worth Trying?

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Imagine never having to go grocery shopping again. All of your food just magically appears at your door…no wasted time…no wasted gas…no nasty people running their shopping carts into your ankles. Sounds impossible, doesn’t it?

Maybe not!

Read through my grocery shopping review of Jet below, to find out if it’s worth trying or head right over to and check it out for yourself.

There was a time when I loved grocery shopping. When I was first married, I thought it was so much fun to wander through the aisles of the store picking up new products to try out. Then, came the kids and the extreme couponing stage…15 boxes of Cinnamon Toast Crunch and 21 bottles of Cascade Dishwasher Detergent, anyone?

Lately, the new products don’t seem so interesting, couponing is exhausting and you just can’t save as much anymore. Now, I hate going to the grocery store and I don’t use the word hate lightly. I mean I really hate it.

It’s stressful, it’s tiring and because I’m in such a big rush to get out the door, I buy a bunch of junk I don’t need, I don’t pay attention to prices and I spend way more money than I should. Sound familiar? I know lots of people that do the same thing.

I’ve been seeing commercials on TV for all these grocery delivery companies and I’ve considered trying it before, but the idea of my groceries being shipped to my door didn’t really make sense…What about my dairy and eggs? What about my frozen foods? So, I’ve always talked myself out of ordering. But, not this time…

Instead of heading to the grocery store (an hour away) this past week, I grabbed my running grocery list from the fridge, jotted down a few additional items I needed and I sat down at my desk with a cup of coffee and the website open. CAN YOU IMAGINE?! Already more relaxed! Review 1

Isn’t it hard to find what you need?

Not. At. All. Searching for my items at Jet was super easy. There was no wandering around, walking down aisle after aisle…I just typed it into the search bar at the top of the page and up came a variety of products. You can search by brand, by category or even by type of product. Plus, you can filter your individual searches to find specific products.

Here’s some examples…

Search term 1: applegate Review 2 - applegate search

Searching “Applegate” brings up all the products from Applegate Farms.


Search term 2: meat Review 3 - meat search

Searching “meat” will bring up all the meats available from Jet. Selecting the “Brand” arrow will drop down a menu of all the brands and you can select your favorite.


Search term 3: hot dogs Review 4 - hot dogs search

Searching hot dogs will bring up all the different types of hot dogs or you can search by “Category” and choose hot dogs instead.

It is so easy to find what you need!

Search-ability and Ease of Jet

5 STAR REVIEW Review 6 - Promotions

Isn’t it more expensive than grocery shopping at a brick and mortar store?

No way! I found the prices to be almost exactly the same as the regular grocery store. Plus, because the shopping cart appears at the right as you add items, you have the added benefit of watching your spending. It makes it so easy to stick to your grocery budget!

Unfortunately, you cannot use manufacturer coupons or coupon codes. However, Jet offers their own promotions and coupon codes. There are tons of coupons out there for saving even more money. I went through Ebates, so not only will I receive 10% cash back from them, but I also received a coupon code to save 15% of my first 3 orders! You can save even more money by purchasing “like” items with their price dropping tool, too. Check it out…


JetCom Review 5 - Price

Here, I’ve added Applegate Hotdogs to the cart and the price is $6.99. Watch what happens to the price when I add the cottage cheese…


JetCom Review 5 - Price dropped

The price of the hot dogs dropped by $0.04 when I added the cottage cheese. Now, $0.04 might not seem like much, but when you buy a week’s worth of groceries, that will definitely add up!


Here’s why the price dropped… Review 5 - Price dropped why

And the savings DOES add up! I ended up saving a total of $30.44!

Saving Ability at Jet

5 STAR REVIEW Review 7 - Shipping

How’s it shipped?

Shipping was a huge concern for me in ordering my groceries online. We live in rural Vermont and packages don’t always get here by the expected delivery date. I kept imagining paying out the nose for a shipment of groceries, that would arrive to me covered in dripping egg or blood from the meat. But, it wasn’t that way AT ALL!

Free shipping on all orders $35+ and free returns on all orders at

The shipping itself was free because I spent more than $35.00. And who spends less than $35.00 on groceries a week anymore? Lucky you if you’re out there!

If you’re like the rest of us, your shipping will likely always be free. There is a $4.95 delivery charge for the cold packed items, but honestly, I can’t drive to the grocery store for $4.95 in gas, so it’s still a savings for me. Review - Packages

And my groceries arrived in LESS THAN 24 hours! Seriously! I placed my order at 1:29 pm on Thursday and it arrived at my door via FedEx at 11:14 am on Friday morning. I was blown away! I honestly didn’t think it would get here that fast.

The groceries are shipped in separate boxes, with other like items. The freezer items came in 1 box, the refrigerated items came in 1 box and the dry goods in 1 box. So, I had 3 boxes in my shipment for $4.95 – NOT BAD! Review - Packages Arrived

The cold stuff came inside insulated bags with TONS of reusable ice packs – which I put in my freezer for future use – so, SCORE there! No need to buy or make ice packs for the kid’s/husband’s lunches this year! Review - Package INSIDE

The frozen food came packed in dry ice and it was colder than it would have been if I’d driven it home from the grocery store. Literally, my frozen blueberries were still hard little balls inside the bag! Review - Zipper Bags

Sorry for the blur on this one!

ALL the items that could leak – meat, bottled drinks, eggs, dish detergent – were packed in individual zipper bags and they had tape around the lids of all the liquids. I could not believe it when I opened the box and saw that. I was so impressed! Review - Taped Lids


One tiny complaint that I do have is with the dry goods packing.

I ordered a bottle of dishwasher detergent, which was the heaviest thing inside my dry box, however it was packed on top of everything else. Fortunately, the only thing crushed was 1 sleeve of crackers inside a box and I will still be able to use the crackers in place of bread crumbs, but not for snacking.

So, that’s it – 1 tiny little complaint, that really isn’t that big of a deal. Overall, I was incredibly impressed with the shipment of my groceries.

Shipping & Handling

4 and Half STAR REVIEW Review

Is Jet Worth Trying?

Absolutely! It was an amazing experience. It was so relaxing!

There was no stress in driving an hour away to the store, no worries about going over budget and no nasty people to deal with. I just chilled out at my desk, with my daughter, some music and a hot cup of coffee. When my groceries arrived the next morning, I put them away and went about my day. No stress and so much more fun!

So, if you’re thinking about trying out an online grocery shopping service, I highly recommend  I will definitely be shopping with them again.

In fact, I loved shopping at Jet so much that my husband and my children are afraid I will never leave the house now that I don’t have to go grocery shopping.

And honestly, I’m looking forward to it!

Have a Spectacular Day!

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