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Halloween Dinner Ideas to Spook Your Guests 

It’s getting kinda spooky around here! Now that all the Halloween decorations are up and the goody bags are packed full of freaky treats for trick-or-treaters, it’s time to start thinking about some Halloween dinner ideas to spook your family and friends.

What are you going to serve? Do you usually make a creepy Halloween dinner or do you stick with a traditional meal?

Why Make Spooky a Halloween Dinner

Because it’s so much fun to watch your guests creep out when you serve them intestines and eyeballs, of course!

Back when the girls were little (and still into Halloween), I would always make some creepy meal to make them giggle and laugh. We’ve had Jack O’ Lantern burgers, eyeballs in witches hair (Spaghetti and Meatballs) and even severed fingers (Hot Dogs).

This year, my oldest daughter won’t be able to come home from college for Halloween and my youngest is going to a friend’s house to watch horror movies. So, unfortunately, we won’t be having a spooky meal.

Unless maybe, I decide to freak out the husband. Mmmmwaaaahahahahaa…

Get Creative With Your Halloween Recipes

When you’re trying to come up with Halloween dinner ideas, get really creative. Let out your inner disgusting-ness and come up with some gross (but delicious!) recipes….I know you can do it!

Here’s some ideas to get you started…

Gross Ideas

  • Brains
  • Eyeballs
  • Fingers
  • Toes
  • Feet
  • Intestines
  • Boogers
  • Blood

Spooky Ideas

  • Bats
  • Ghosts
  • Mummies
  • Zombies
  • Witches
  • Cats
  • Jack O’ Lanterns

And just in case you find yourself stuck on what disgustingly spooky Halloween dinner ideas to make, I figured I’d throw together this little list of Halloween foods for you.

I’m sure you’ll find something on this list that will make your family scream with laughter!

30+ Halloween Dinner Ideas - Food Life Design

30+ Halloween Dinner Ideas

creepy halloween pizza hand

Creepy Halloween Pizza Hand

From Kitchen @ Hoskins


Halloween Cocktail Meatball Eyes

Halloween Meatball Eyes

From Everyday Dishes


Brain shaped meatloaf Perfect with a bloody Mary for Halloween or The Walking Dead season premier night

Brain Meatloaf

From Eerie Zone


Hot dog Halloween fingers in chili Cut hot dogs in half slice knuckles and a thin slice off the front for nails Broil or boil

Hot Dog Halloween Fingers

From Eerie Zone


Monster Brains |

Halloween Monster Brains

From Taste and Tell Blog


Halloween Lasagna

From Vegan Mom Blog


Halloween Spaghetti

Halloween Spaghetti

From The 36th Avenue


Spooky Eyeball Tacos



Halloween Dinner Recipe

Mummy Calzone

From Pocket Change Gourmet


40 Best Halloween Party Finger Foods & Appetizers - This Tiny Blue House

Bloody Finger Hot Dogs

From Salty Canary


Halloween Feet Loaf a meat loaf recipe with onion toe nails baked on a a baking sheet.

Halloween Feet Loaf

From My Name is Snickerdoodle


Spooky Monster Eyes Deviled Eggs. The perfect Halloween Deviled Egg Recipe for any Halloween party!

Spooky Monster Eyes Deviled Eggs

From Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom


Alien Autopsty

From Mavis Butterfield’s One Hundred Dollars a Month


Mummified Garlic Bread

Mummified Garlic Bread

From Foodtastic Mom


Green Frankenstein Pasta

Frankenstein Pasta

From Super Healthy Kids


overhead showing a metal plate and cobwebs on the table

Witches Hair Pasta

From Sprinkles and Sprouts


Shrunken potato heads with slime dip recipe

Shrunken Potato Heads with Slime Dip

From Tesco Real Food


Mummy Dogs

From Pillsbury


An overhead view of baked spooky chorizo hand pies, on parchment paper.

Spooky Chroizo Hand Pies

From The Flavor Bender


skull shaped burritos filled with taco meat, black beans, corn, tomatoes, and cheese

Burrito Skulls

From Hungry Happenings


Dead Man’s Ribs

From Heather Cooan


Wonton Bats

From First for Women


Halloween Witch Hat Calzones with a small dish of sauce and plastic spiders next to them for decoration

Halloween Witch Hat Calzones

From Jeannie’s Tried and True Recipes

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed checking out all these disgusting Halloween dinner ideas! Which one is your favorite? 

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Have a Spectacular Day!