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Here On The Homestead

Here on the homestead we have been busy at work with upgrades and expansions, tending to the garden and planning for the future. 

It has been some time since I updated you on how things were happening here. 

Our raised beds are doing well, mostly. I am struggling with my cauliflower and broccoli and we have been fighting some tomato diseases. 

I am eager to start preservations. I have a lot of new recipes I cannot wait to share with you all! 

We are making some purchases to help along with putting food onto the shelves. We will be looking into a dehydrator and a vacuum sealer. Purchasing some of these items is going to be a wonderful investment and will help us a lot. 

Deck Build

One of the nicest additions to our house is the new deck my husband built! We have been needing a nice outdoor space for both us and the children. A spot to have dinner, morning coffee, read a book or let the kids craft in the fresh air. 

For an electrician he has really mastered his carpentry skills over the last couple of years! Here is a little sneak peak of the project along the way!

It is complete now however we still do have a new slider door to install. This will replace an existing window and is going to give so much more natural light to our living space. I am so excited to be able to keep the screen door open and let the fresh mountain air come rolling in. 

deck build 1

deck build 2

build progress deck

deck finished


Plans For Ahead

There has been so much chit chat about all the ways in which we can continue to expand and fall in love with our homestead. I have so many dreams about living off of our land as much as possible. 

We want to extend our yard so that we have more livable space and take over the other portion of our property with more livestock! 

We are also planning to expand our fruit growth! This will include apple and pear trees and more berry bushes. 

I can make jams, teas and more with what we will grow. 

We our going to upgrade our fire pit area as well. This is a lovely addition to summer evenings out on the deck as it is just steps from the stairs. 

Another large project that will start at the end of summer to be finished before snow flies is building a car port style structure to park our camper in! 

We would also like to add a very small extension onto the deck, a tiny screened porch, just enough to fit two rocking chairs.

Being a homeowner is never ending tasks, so why not throw some in that bring you joy!

Don’t ever stop falling in love with where you live. It is after all your safe place!

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