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Homemade Beard Oil

Looking for a homemade beard oil recipe that is bursting with beneficial properties? I might have just the one. This beard oil is packed with essential oils that have some really great qualities and purposes. It will take yours or the scruffy guy in your life’s facial hair to a level of divine perfection.

My husband started getting serious about his facial hair about 8 years ago. He always had scruff and the length would vary but it was never super healthy. It didn’t grow very evenly and it wasn’t soft by any means. He would get itchy and uncomfortable and end up cutting it down or shaving it off completely. 

Everything changed when we were introduced to beard balms and oils. His facial hair was shiny, soft and smelled amazing all the time. Since then he has been a bearded man, always! 

homemade beard oil finish

Truthfully there is a BIG market for this stuff right now. Facial hair is the new thing for all ages and there are a lot of companies taking advantage of the popularity of beard care.

One downfall? It can get pricey.

There is so much!

Everywhere you turn and every site you are on there is some level of beard care and if you are a full time beard wearer you are using these products daily. Which means you always have to have a stock going! 

Over time and trial runs with different brands, scents and types he narrowed it down to a couple of favorites. I kept thinking to myself…why can’t I make these? So I’ve started my beard oil making journey. Come along with me!

Homemade Beard Oil 

The first beard oil that I made came out great. Brainstorming what to use was tough as the options are endless.

I know that he likes woodsy and masculine scents but I also wanted it to carry good properties for his facial hair itself and also his skin.

Here is what I came up with..

Olive oil has properties that are both moisturizing and anti aging. This is considered the “base oil” which is what most of the beard oil is made up of.

Essential oils will be added in for fragrance and other beneficial properties. 

Frankincense essential oil is an antibacterial oil and is known to kill certain fungi and yeasts. It is also known to improve the tone and elasticity of your skin as well as help in fighting blemishes. 

Texas Cedar wood essential oil helps in giving you smooth skin, aides in clearing up rashes and acne and can also add shine to the facial hair. In addition it can cleanse the roots of the hair.

Tea Tree essential oil helps dry scalp and dandruff and eases irritated skin. This oil can also decrease inflammation and heal acne and is known to promote strong and healthy hair growth too.

Making Homemade Beard Oil

  • 3 ounces olive oil
  • 7 drops Frankincense
  • 4 drops Texas Cedarwood oil
  • 2 drops Tea Tree oil

homemade beard oil ingredients

Start with the pouring the base oil into a bowl and then add in your essential oils. Combine and pour into a glass bottle with a dropper.

Any glass bottle will work but a dark, amber bottle is best. Direct light will degrade the oil.

If storing in a clear bottle, like the one I had available here, make sure to keep it far away from heat or direct sunlight and in a cool, dry place. 

homemade beard oil mix

Tips For Using Beard Oil 

The best time to apply a beard oil is directly out of the shower. The heat, steam and hot water will help open the pores in your skin and the facial hair will be most receptive to the application of the oil. 

The amount used will depend on how much and long the facial hair is.

My husband has a shorter beard at the moment and he uses about a dropper and a half worth of oil each day.

Make sure you aren’t completely saturating your beard but applying enough to work through top to bottom and front to back. 

You can use your hands to apply the oil and then a beard comb to help in moving it around to the harder to reach spots. 


homemade beard oil apply

Starting to make homemade beard oil is a huge money saver but also very fun. There are so many different oils you can use and added fragrances and you can make it personalized to whomever the oil is going to. 

They are very easy and well received gifts to boot!

I hope that you enjoyed listening about my beard oil adventure. Give a try at home and you might surprise yourself with the wonderful, natural and homemade oils and balms you are capable of concocting! 

Smooth sailing with that smooth beard…see ya next time!

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