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11 Homemade Christmas Gifts for Kids: You Can Make These In Just 1 Day!

Looking to save a little money on holiday gifts for your children this year? You’re sure to love these 11 homemade Christmas gifts for kids that you can make in just 1 day!

With the average family spending around $992 for holiday gifts, I’d say it’s high time we go back to making homemade presents for our kids.

Especially little kids…

Who wants to spend hundreds of dollars on a silly toy that their kids are only going to play with for a year?

It’s just plain wasteful!

Especially, when we can make similar toys (often using recycled materials) for next to nothing!

Unfortunately, my girls are way too old for any of these awesome toys, but I thought it’d be fun to share them with those of you who still have little ones.

And I get to save these ideas for when I have grandchildren!
Totally not rushing that…just excited for the future fun!

So, go grab a glass of iced coffee and let’s get this Christmas party started!


Image via Carnival Savers

Frosty Snowball Toss

If you’ve been reading here for any period of time, then you know I’m obsessed with snowmen. I absolutely adore them.

So, when I came across this Frosty Snowball Toss from Carnival Savers, I knew it had to be on the top of my Homemade Christmas Gifts for Kids list!

Of course, it’s suggested that you make it for a carnival. But, what kid wouldn’t love to have this to play with at home?!


Painted Rock {Travel} Tic-Tac-Toe Game

If you’re doing any sort of traveling for the holidays, then this Painted Rock Tic-Tac-Toe game from Where the Smiles Have Been, is the perfect gift for your kids!

It’s so easy to make, requiring just a drawstring bag, paint markers and some rocks. What better way to keep them busy for hours on the road?!


DIY Musical Instruments

Got a future musician in the house? Any one of these DIY Musical Instruments from Moms and Crafters would make the perfect homemade Christmas gift for your future star!


DIY Play Grill

If your little one is The Next Food Network Star, then help him perfect his craft with this adorable DIY Play Grill from The Love Notes Blog.

Don’t forget to add lots of play food and dishes, so he can experiment with new recipes!


doll dressing box

Image via Teach Me Mommy

Felt Dress Up Dolls

I LOVED playing with dress up dolls when I was a kid! My step-mother and I would cut out tons of dolls and then make their clothes using nothing more than paper and crayons.

But, this felt doll dressing busy box from Teach Me Mommy is perfect for independent or on the go play! 


Magnetic Fishing Toy

Does your little one love to fish…like Daddy? Make this adorable Magnetic Fishing Toy from Homemade Gifts Made Easy for his Christmas gift this year! It’ll keep him busy for hours!

DIY Parking Garage for Toy Cars

Find yourself stepping on all those little toy cards laying across the floor? Make this DIY Parking Garage from Frugal Fun for Boys and Girls!

The kids will love “parking” their cars at the end of play time and you will love keeping your toes safe!


Build this strong and sturdy DIY Outdoor Riding Toy following these simple building plans!

Image via Cherished Bliss

DIY Outdoor Riding Toy

Okay, this has to be one of the coolest homemade Christmas gifts for kids that I’ve ever seen!

I’m sure any adventurous kid would love to see this DIY Outdoor Riding Toy from Cherished Bliss, sitting under the Christmas tree!

DIY PVC Ball Pit

Definitely a gift for the smaller kiddos, but this DIY Ball Pit from Lovely Indeed has got to be so much fun!


Indoor Camping Playhouse

Does your kiddo love to go camping and spend time in the great outdoors? Bring the fun of the outdoors in with this Indoor Camping Playhouse from Little Family Adventure!



Image via 1001 Pallets

DIY Pallet Barn

Forget the plastic barn! This DIY Pallet Barn from 1001 Pallets is the perfect gift for any farm loving kid!

Not only is it practically free to make (minus the cost of the nails, hinges and decorations), but you can make it any size you like, too!

Thanks for stopping by! I hope these Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids have sparked some inspiration.

Now’s the time to get started on all those gifts you plan to make…

The elves are busy!

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