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Creative Homemade Kids Halloween Costumes

Looking for some ideas for creative homemade kids Halloween costumes? Look no further! This list is some of my all time favorites. They are fun, easy to make and one of a kind! 

Going out to buy costumes for the kids in a store can add up quickly. The costumes, accessories and makeup combined can be a budget breaker especially when you are a family of multiple kids. 

I love to get my creative juices flowing come Halloween time. There are so many fun crafts, activities and even costumes that you can make right at home. 

Even more of a perk? There will never be more than one of the exact same roaming the streets to collect goodies. Making it homemade means its original to you! 

You can really get creative and save a ton of money. Halloween doesn’t have to cause you to go broke. It is supposed to be a fun holiday!

Lets be honest…there are other holidays right around the corner that are much more costly.

Start saving up now by making your own costumes at home this year!

homemade creative costumes

Creative Homemade Kids Halloween Costumes

Crazy Cat Lady

You might have all the supplies needed for this crazy cat lady by Crafty Morning  already sitting around. It is a really easy costume to throw together last minute and will keep your kiddo warm to boot. I know for us here in New England a warm costume is always a huge plus come Halloween night.

creative kids costumes cat lady

Image Credit: Crafty Morning

Scuba Divers

Grab a couple of empty two liter bottles and some other supplies and you can whip up a costume that is sure to make a splash at the costume party! Easy, comfortable and cute costume by Delineate Your Dwelling.

creative halloween costumes scuba

Image credit: Delineate Your Dwelling

Monarch Butterfly Costume

This costume is not only stunning it requires little materials. If you have a butterfly lover at home flutter into this costume by Buggy and Buddy.

creative homemade costumes butterfly

Image Credit: Buggy and Buddy

Statue of Liberty

You can be sure to stand tall in this costume! With only a handful or less of materials you will have one powerful and creative costume made. Check it out on Sewing Rabbit.

homemade creative costumes statue of liberty

Image Credit: Sewing Rabbit

Lego Costume

This costume is perfect for the lego lover in your family. Lovely Indeed has all of the steps to build a block costume yourself! You could easily turn the entire family into a lego kit!

creative halloween costumes lego

Image Credit: Lovely Indeed

Flower Pot Costume

What else is more sweet than your baby right in the middle of a bucket of flowers? Not much. Dukes & Duchesses has the how to on making this bright and beautiful flower pot costume! Not very costly but not lacking the sweetness either. 

creative homemade costumes

Image Credit: Dukes & Duchesses

Gumball machine

This gumball machine costume by Simply Rebekah might cost you more than 0.25 cents but it’ll be worth it! With a little POP in color this costume is sure to turn heads. 

creative costumes gumball

Image credit: Simply Rebekah

Piñata Costume

Costume Works doesn’t waste any time in making your cutie extra colorful this Halloween. Grab up a bundle of felt and you should be ready to go!

creative costumes pinata

Strongman Costume

Your little will have to pick up the extra weight with this strongman costume by Oh Happy Day but that’s ok….we will put in the heavy lifting and leave these instructions here for you to follow to get this super strong and cool costume!

creative costume strongman

Image Credit: Oh Happy Day

If you are thinking about getting creative all together as a family unit I just might have the perfect idea for you. 

Yes all still homemade and DIY but lets go for a theme that suits you all…..Check these out!

Have the best time getting crafty and then going out to show it off! It is so rewarding to make your own costumes and it will give the kids memories to last a lifetime.

Happy spooky season!!!

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