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Homesteaders of New England Fall Gathering

The husband and I recently had the opportunity to attend the first Homesteaders of New England Fall Gathering, hosted by The Mindful Homestead.

Since it was the first ever gathering of homesteaders of New England, it was a small affair, with lots of great information. One huge benefit of being a small event is it allows time to chat with the many speakers and vendors.

We had so much fun and we learned a TON about modern day homesteading, so I thought I’d take you on a little tour through the park.

Are you ready?

Awesome, let’s head to Greenfield, New Hampshire…

Welcome to the Homesteaders of New England Fall Gathering!

This was the entrance “gate” where you showed your tickets to enter the park…

A view of the whole park…

I just loved this vendors sign and after asking about it, I learned that a neighbor hand-painted the sign as a gift. Isn’t that beautiful?!

There were lots of amazing vendors throughout the park!

I came home with a bunch of goodies including some really delicious black garlic and black garlic vinaigrette from Quarter Moon Farm…oh man, is this stuff good!

Chicken processing demo! McMurray Hatchery, the main sponsor of the event, was kind enough to provide the chickens for butchering.

There were a ton of great speakers, but our favorite was Morgan Gold of Gold Shaw Farm. He shared a ton of awesome information that we definitely intend on putting to use!

Sheep Shearing Demo! Sheep are definitely an animal on our long term homestead plans and it was so informative to watch a world-renowned sheep shearer do this work!

All in all, it was an awesome gathering, with lots of great people and we had a wonderful time. I can’t wait to see what they come up with for next year.

Will you attend the Homesteaders of New England Fall Gathering in 2023?

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Have an Awesome Day!