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How to Make Money Teaching Without Getting a Job

Are you looking for a way to make money teaching without taking on a full-time position? Look no further! This post contains 7 ways to put your teaching skills to use without getting the dreaded job…

If you are an out of work teacher or just someone who loves to teach, there is no need to stress about how you are going to pay the bills!

There are tons of different ways to use your teaching skills and make money teaching without getting a “real” job.

And you can start right away!

Read on to learn how…

How to Make Money Teaching Without Getting a Job



Substitute teaching is a great way to make money teaching without being “tied to” a job. Both, public schools and private schools hire substitute teachers.

Most schools, in the United States, only require a high school diploma to get started.

Contact your local schools to find out where to apply.



Offer tutoring services if you are not interested in working a full-time schedule.

Choose the subject you’d like to teach. Decide how much you’d like to be paid per hour and then, advertise.

Let the local schools know that you are offering tutoring services, hang flyers in your local supermarket and tell all of your friends and family.

It’s that simple!

Tutor at your own home, the student’s home or even the local library.

Teach Local Enrichment Classes

Do you have a specific skill or craft that you know everything about? Make money teaching classes at your local library, at your home or even at your local college or public school.

Many public schools offer after school “enrichment” classes to students that can be taught by any expert and homeschooling parents are often looking for classes for their kids to take, too.

Unfortunately, many of the public schools in the USA are dropping important subjects like home economics, building trades, art and music.

It’s sad to see and of course, the reason comes to down to funding and money.

Instead of figuring out a way to fund it, they remove the subjects from our schools and our children lose out!

Help save these important life skills for our children by teaching courses that they need to survive.

Choose the subject you’d like to teach.

Create a curriculum based on your subject.

Decide how much you’d like to be paid per class and then, advertise.

Here’s a few ideas:

  • Arts/Crafts
  • Music
  • Building/Trades
  • Home Economics
  • Business
  • Social Media

Teach Online Classes

Online courses and classes have become a mainstream way of learning today.

Jump on that train and create your own courses to sell!

There are many smart entrepreneurs/teachers out there that have brought in over 5 figures(!) teaching online classes.

It’s an awesome way to make money teaching without ever leaving your house.

Added bonus! You can teach in your PJ’s if you like

Here’s a few places to teach online classes:


Design and Create Curriculum

Do you love to draw or write? Consider creating curriculum for teachers to use in their own classrooms.

Workbooks, worksheets, flash cards and unit studies are favorites of teachers worldwide, plus they are easy to design!

Here’s a few places to sell your curriculum online:


Write a Blog

Start a blog about the subject you want to teach. Write articles and tutorials about the subject.

Create curriculum and free printables to go along with what you are teaching.

Utilize advertisements and affiliate ads to make money teaching your favorite subject or sell your own curriculum!

Creating your own blog to share what you love and make money teaching about those things offers endless possibilities!


Write a Book

Write a book about your favorite subject and sell it on Amazon Kindle, NookPress or Create Space.

Writing your own books is a great way to make money teaching about your favorite subjects without having to be face to face with your students.

Create awesome tutorials and be sure to include exercises and worksheets so your students can try out their new skills!


I hope you’ve enjoyed reading about all the fun ways there are to make money teaching!

There’s no need to be stuck inside a classroom today when there are so many ways to do what you love without being tied down.

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Have a Spectacular Day!

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