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How to Make Money Writing

Do you love to write? Are you interested in learning how you can make money writing? Check out this post – it’s full of ideas to help you start earning some extra cash today!

I love to write and I’ve been jotting down thoughts, notes and random stories for as long as I can remember. In that little girl mind, I was sure that someday I would make money writing all the stories that I had in my head.

How to Make Money Writing

Of course, society took hold in my little girl mind and I started to believe everyone that preached “there is no money in writing”.

So, I put the dream in the back of my mind…

Not forgotten, but hidden away instead.

I started college with the intention of becoming an English teacher, and while I changed my major halfway through, I never lost that love for words.

I continued to write…journaling or jotting down outlines for stories. But, honestly, I didn’t think my work was good enough to make money writing.

I thought writing for a living was only possible for the best writers like Stephen King or Nora Roberts.

The Search Begins

After my first child was born, I knew I couldn’t go to work and leave her to be raised by someone else. I had to figure out a way to stay home and still help my husband with some of the bills!

I spent hours scouring the internet, magazines, newspapers and any other classified ads I could find. But, back in 2001, online jobs were scarce and dial-up internet was sloooooowwwww.

Telecommuting was just becoming popular and the ability to work from home was rare. The few jobs that were available for telecommute back then often involved writing and I ignored those jobs.

I kept searching for something to do that would help pay our bills, but no matter where I looked, I found writing. And I kept ignoring it, for 5 more years.

I sold baby clothes, handmade soap, home decor and stationery during those years. While I enjoyed that work at the time, designing and writing are still my passion. It’s a part of me that just wouldn’t let go and I finally started to pay attention…

I Can Actually Make Money Writing!

In 2006, I worked up the courage to apply for a few different writing jobs online. Much to my surprise, my samples were approved!

In fact, my articles were approved, over and over again. Much of the time – they were accepted without editing required!

Honestly, I wasn’t just surprised, I was shocked. But, I kept writing and somewhere along the way I realized something important…

It doesn’t matter if your writing isn’t perfect.

It doesn’t matter if you can’t put together the perfect prose.

What really matters is what you’re offering your readers…

Write About What You Know

You can’t just start applying for or accepting jobs that are for things you don’t even understand. It’d be a waste of your time.

Truly, stick to what you know, at least at first! It will save you a ton of time in researching and developing your writing.

I suppose you could say that “life” is my specialty. I make money writing about food, family, design, DIY, saving money and making money. It’s what I’m best at and I can usually write most of my articles without a lot of research.

But, maybe your good at science or math and would prefer writing about the solar system or the ever changing planet…freedom is the greatest gift of being a writer.

You have the ability to write anything you like!

So, what are you waiting for?

Get out there and take a chance!

Start applying for writing jobs, keep writing everyday and hold onto your faith – your time will come when you’re ready.

Here’s some tips to help you get started…

Where to Make Money Writing

Best Blogs/Websites for New Writers

Books to Read

I hope my story encourages you to go ahead and get started. You REALLY CAN make money writing, it just takes a little trust, faith and some decent grammar.

Have a Spectacular Day!


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