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How to Make Perfect French Press Coffee

As a former barista and avid coffee enthusiast, I’m on a quest for coming up with the best coffee. I’ve brewed traditional pulled espresso, pour over brews, moka pots, and so much more. And, I have officially learned how to make the perfect cup of French press coffee!

My go-to method for coffee at home is, and probably always will be, the French press method. Not only is it easy, its also efficient, low mess, and incredibly tasty.

How to Make Perfect French Press Coffee

But, what is French Press coffee?

A French press possesses three main parts: the carafe, the plunger, and the filters.

  • The carafe holds the grounds and water. 
  • The plunger consists of a lid with a rod that goes through the center of the lid.
  • The filters are attached to the plunger rod. When the plunder is pressed down, the coffee flows through the filter and the grounds get pushed to the bottom. 

How Do You Make French Press Coffee? 

Step One: Prepare

Prepare for the coffee making process by setting up your French press. The carafe should be empty and the plunger should be set aside. The filter should be secure on the end of the plunger. 

Step Two: Measure

Making French press coffee is all about the ratios. Thankfully, those ratios are pretty easy to get down! (Don’t get me wrong, I’ve made my fair share of BITTER coffee, but this chart makes it pretty easy!)

French Press Chart

I use a 1:4 coffee:water ratio. Ideally, you’d use grams and a food scale, but not everyone has a food scale on stand by. That being said, most everyone has measuring spoons and cups! Don’t hesitate to use them! You can still get a perfect cup of coffee that way. 

Heat the water using a stove top or electric tea kettle. Measure the water using a glass measuring cup after heating. The water should be heated just before a boil. 

Step 3: Make

Add coffee grinds into carafe. Pour water over grinds. Brew coffee for four minutes. After coffee is brewed, push the plunger down and pour immediately. 

Pro Tip: The plunger should push down with some resistance. If it slips down too easily, the grind is too coarse; if it’s hard to push, the grind is too fine.

French Press coffee will quickly become one of your favorites, too! Just try it!

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– Kayden