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How to Pack for a Trip Without the Kids

The husband and I are taking a vacation this year (by ourselves) and I realized that I haven’t had to pack for a trip without kids in 18 years!

Crazy, right?

No more car seats…

Forget the beach toys…

Travel games? Who needs them?!

It’s the weirdest feeling to be going away without the kids…even though they’re all grown up and I am so excited that we get to take this trip, but, what do we need to pack for just the two of us?

Surprisingly…not much!

Road trip“Road trip” by wili_hybrid is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

Things to Pack for a Trip without the Kids

The “Right” Clothes

Appropriate clothing for your destination is imperative! You definitely don’t want to show up in Hawaii in the same clothing you’d be wearing in Vermont! And always be sure to pack a dressy outfit…just in case you decide to splurge on a fancy restaurant for dinner!

Activity Friendly Footwear

Will you be walking a whole lot on your trip? Be sure to pack comfortable footwear so you don’t end up needing to soak your feet in the hotel bathtub! Sitting on the beach? Pack flip flops and beach shoes instead!

Personal Care Products

Regardless of your destination, you’ll likely need your hair supplies, makeup, deodorant, body wash/soap, shampoo and/or conditioners, etc. But, be sure to include small personal care products, like your razor, tweezers and fingernail clippers, too!

Medical Supplies

Take a daily maintenance medicine? Be sure to pack it and don’t forget to include a first aid kit that includes regular emergency supplies like band aids, Ibuprofen/Acetaminophen, burn ointment, wound cream, etc.


While you certainly don’t want to spend every waking moment, of your vacation, on your devices, it’s hard to go away without at least your cellphone and/or tablet, especially if you’re self employed or leaving your children at home! Be sure to pack the appropriate equipment, along with the chargers needed for each.


Don’t forget the goodies for your trip! If you’re driving, pack a cooler with your favorite drinks, water and cold pack snacks and fill up a tote bag with your favorite chips, homemade cookies, nuts, dried fruit, crackers, etc.

That’s it! Unless you have special needs that aren’t listed above, you really don’t need to bring along a whole lot! Just pack up the basics and head out.

Enjoy yourself…

Don’t stress – if you forget something at home, you can always buy it at a local store!

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