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Kindle Paperwhite 2021 Review

Are you wondering if you should invest in a Kindle Paperwhite 2021? Here’s my honest review!

After pondering it for about a year, I finally bit the bullet and purchased my Kindle Paperwhite in September 2021 as a yay me gift for surviving yet another week of back-to-school teaching!

For years I swore by reading physical books, but in early 2021, I was plowing through books faster than I could by them. (And certainly faster than I could afford!)

I needed a cheaper, more instantaneous option.

So…I began reading on the Kindle app on my iPhone. 

I didn’t love it honestly. 

Although the app was laid out well and I was moderately impressed with the selection of free books, my eyes hurt so bad from reading on my phone. I read before bed religiously and I have for years, but the light from my phone was irritating, to say the least. 

But…I dealt with it because I knew that there was a multitude of free books on the Kindle app. I also downloaded my library app and read books from there on my phone, too. 

Shortly after running my course through my library’s ebook and the free Kindle downloads, I made the decision to subscribe to Kindle Unlimited Membership Plans.

Let me tell you…Kindle Unlimited is a game changer!

There are more than two million books available to download for only $9.99 a month!

You can access the books you download on Kindle Unlimited from your Kindle, phone, tablet, and computer!

(Even if I don’t convince you to get a Kindle Paperwhite, I highly suggest you subscribe to Kindle Unlimited!)

A few months after I subscribed to Kindle Unlimited, as the school year began, I knew that I wanted to take time for myself. What better way to do that than reading and relaxing? 

So, I made a plan that I would spend at least half an hour each day reading a book I enjoyed. 

On a Friday afternoon, I bought my Kindle Paperwhite as a way to reward myself for completing the first week of school with my new group of students and to reinforce that I’m going to make time for myself. 

I also bought a Popsocket (recommended by someone on Instagram) and a bunch of fun stickers. 

I went home, decorated my new Kindle, and spent the entire weekend reading!

Within a half-hour or so, I fell in love with my Kindle Paperwhite! There is absolutely no glare so it doesn’t feel like you’re reading on a screen. It is super easy to navigate. Pages turn with a tap of a finger. It is super light and is incredibly easy to hold with one hand. 

My favorite thing about my Kindle Paperwhite is that you can read literally everywhere!

I’ve brought it to the beach and read in direct sunlight with absolutely no problem! Reading in bed no longer requires a lamp! 

It’s also waterproof and I’ve placed it on the shelf in the shower – obviously not directly in the water – to read while I shower, too!

The only thing that I would change if I could is the navigation of the “home” and “library” tabs. I have found it tricky at times to preview new books. BUT there is always going to be something you want to change and that’s okay!

Overall, I would rank my Kindle Paperwhite in the Top 10 Best Purchases I Have Ever Made Category! I hope this review helps you decide to buy one too!

❤️ Kayden