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Learn Responsibilities With Age Appropriate Chores

Summer isn’t over yet but the households with school aged kids are starting to shift their thinking to the start of school. Am I right? What better way to tackle getting back into a routine and slowly start shaking off the carefree summer break feeling for the kids than start to learn responsibilities with age appropriate chores!

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This list is good for the parents looking to start their little ones off with chores that are age appropriate for as young as 2 or even great for school aged kiddos all the way through.

It might give you some new fresh ideas to incorporate to their daily routines – or just set the bar for expected tasks on a routine basis.

It helps with teaching responsibility, cooperation, teamwork, time management, self care and if you plan to reward them you can even incorporate lessons on earning/spending money.

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Learn Responsibilities With Age Appropriate Chores

Age Appropriate Chores: Ages 2-4

During this age period kids can tend to be still very attached to a parent all the while trying to find more independence. Incorporating them into your daily chores or giving them simple, safe and easy tasks is a wonderful way to introduce them to the world of chores!

  • Assisting in loading/unloading the dishwasher
  • Restocking paper products like paper towels and toilet paper
  • Picking up and putting away toys after play
  • Choosing clothes and/or dressing themselves
  • Putting dirty clothes into hamper
  • Throw away trash
  • Fetch diapers or wipes before changing times
  • Assist in switching laundry into dryer
  • Help in planting gardens
  • Feed chickens or other livestock

Age Appropriate Chores: Ages 5-7

Between the ages of 4-6 children will start to learn more boundaries and have a better understanding of dangers. This is a good time to add in chores that might take more caution or responsibility. Also, stepping up chores in the self care department is always important. This is a crucial time to start allowing and teaching kids to be more independent in their own self care routines!

  • Make and clear table
  • Brush teeth once a day (important for parent to continue to brush once a day as well at this age)
  • Make their bed every morning
  • Put away laundry
  • Wash dishes that aren’t easily breakable or sharp
  • Learn to cut and chop with supervision and a kid’s beginner’s knife
  • Vacuum and dust
  • Shower and bathe more independently
  • Help weeding gardens and harvesting crops
  • Learn simple cooking practices

Age Appropriate Chores: Ages 8-10

This age group is perfect for taking on more cleaning responsibilities as they have the ability and understanding of using non harsh chemical cleaning products. This might be a good time for them to also learn a bit more about using their rewards less for spending and more for saving and also the benefits of a savings account!

  • Lend a hand in yard work such as raking, shoveling and stacking wood
  • Care for pets by feeding, washing and walking them
  • Begin doing laundry
  • Clean toilets and sinks
  • Fold laundry
  • Mop floors
  • Begin preparing meals start to finish
  • Wash windows
  • Start learning preserving food and canning practices

Age Appropriate Chores: Ages 10-12

Being the age group right before job appropriate age will give you an opportunity to start encouraging work ethic in and around your home. Allowing your children to learn responsibility in not only helping themselves but also other family members and their community!

  • Look for community service or community contributions to participate in
  • Offer learned chores to neighbors for a small fee
  • Help with younger siblings with personal care, teaching skills or school work
  • Start an independent routine in bathing, hair and teeth care
  • Meal plan for the school week
  • Plan outfit selections and lay out for the week ahead
  • Begin using carpet cleaner to do a deep clean on carpets/couches
  • Learn to sew

Age Appropriate Chores: Ages 12-15

Working with and learning how to use mechanical cleaning tools with supervision is age appropriate for this bracket! Make sure to also teach and constantly remind of safety precautions and actively use safety gear.

  • Mow the lawn
  • Clip the hedges
  • Operate leaf blower
  • Learn to use a wood splitter
  • Become active in a work base program or take on a summer job
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Routines are really crucial for children of all ages. It helps in keeping their days smooth and with development as they grow. When they are of school age a routine can seem almost mandatory.

Put together a chore list and start today! Having this checklist of responsibilities will help get them in the swing of things as the summer comes to a close. Once school starts back up again your routine should be a breeze.

Looking for a good rewards chart? Check out these printable ones here…

Added perk to this all? A little extra help around the house WHILE teaching wonderful skills to your littles. Win, win!!!

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