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Life, Family and Technical Difficulties

I know I’ve been totally MIA lately and I just wanted to stop in and give you a heads up on what’s been going on…I am NOT disappearing and I am hoping to soon be back to regular posting – I have a family member suffering with a health crisis back in NY and have been going back and forth to help the family. Please add him to your prayer list, because we need a miracle for him to survive this!! 

In the meantime, my Internet is down, due to technical difficulties with the line. So, if this post comes to you with a bunch of typos and grammatical errors, I’m sorry! I’m typing this on my cell phone and I just don’t have the knack of this keyboard! 

I’ll tell you, my friends, when the chips fall…they all fall at once! 

Stay tuned…I hope to be back up and running soon! Be sure to join the newsletter above to find out when I’m back!

Have a Spectacular Day!


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