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Make Your Own Breadcrumbs at Home

Out of store-bought breadcrumbs? Make your own breadcrumbs at home with this super easy, step-by-step tutorial!Make Your Own Breadcrumbs At Home 3 - Food Life Design

*UPDATED POST  – Homemade breadcrumbs are one of my favorite things to make instead of buying. And with everything going on in the world today, I figured this was an important skill that you should know, so I’ve updated this old post to include some new tips, tricks and even a few ideas to make your own breadcrumbs sweet instead of savory!

I haven’t bought breadcrumbs in the store in YEARS. In fact, this post was originally published on my old blog…way back in 2013! I’ve been making my own ever since. 

Honestly, there are so many reasons to make your own breadcrumbs, too!

For example, you can:

Ensure that your family is eating healthy ingredients and not a bunch of preservatives and chemicals…

Add your own spices and seasonings to create different flavors…

Use up leftover bread ends and/or dried out slices…

Plus, there are so many different ways to use your homemade breadcrumbs!

From topping casseroles to crusting desserts, you can literally use them for anything that calls for breadcrumbs or CRUMBS in general. It all depends on how you flavor them!

Have I enticed you to make your own breadcrumbs, yet?


Awesome, let’s get started…


How to Make Your Own Breadcrumbs at Home

I was the lucky recipient of 11 loaves of bread this past week. A friend of a friend of a friend received a large amount of day old bread and was kind enough to share the love.

Wasn’t that nice?!

Well, I thought so, until I stood at the counter grinding up 176 slices of bread for hours on end…I can tell you that much!

Yes, 176 slices…11 loaves with 16 slices each…that’s alotta bread!

We don’t even eat white bread and yet, there I stood in awe as my husband continued to carry it into the house, thinking “What on Earth am I going to do with all this bread?

Breadcrumbs, I decided…

It seemed like the most logical thing to do at the time.

Little did I know, by the end of the day I’d want to put myself in the food processor along with the sliced bread.

In fact, I got so sick of processing fine crumbs that I gave up and started making stuffing instead.

But no worries, I have enough breadcrumbs to pass down to my unborn grandchildren!

All joking aside, I am truly grateful for the gift of bread.

Stocking up the pantry is one of my goals for this summer and this was a huge bonus.

I may never have to buy breadcrumbs again…

Here’s how I did it –

lots of bread

Homemade Breadcrumbs

Get your bread ready. I recommend using day old bread, but I wouldn’t suggest you start with 11 loaves…just 1 or 2 would be a much better choice!

Preheat the oven to 200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Toast each slice of bread in a regular toaster.


a lot of toast

Cut toast slices in half and shove them into the food processor. I used about 8 slices for each batch.

cut toast

Process the toast for about 30 seconds….for each batch.

process bread

Keep pouring the breadcrumbs into a large bowl until you’ve finished processing all the bread slices.

bowl of crumbs

Add some seasoning to the crumbs.

seasoning crumbs

Spread the seasoned breadcrumbs onto baking sheets and bake for 20 to 30 minutes or until the crumbs are a light golden brown in color.

bake crumbs

Remove the breadcrumbs from the oven and let them cool before packaging for storage.

breadcrumbs and stuffing


As you can see from all the different layers in the photo above, I made many batches. Some cooked a little more than others…but no fear! They all taste good. I stored the breadcrumbs in a vacuum seal bag that is about 3 feet tall.


At this point, I still had around 5 loaves of bread to go and I just knew I couldn’t make anymore breadcrumbs or they’d be coming out my ears.

So, I moved on to stuffing mix, but that’s a post for another day…

Make Your Own Breadcrumbs in All Kinds of Flavors!

per each 8 qt. bowl

Simply Savory: 2 tablespoons salt, 2 teaspoons black pepper and 1 tablespoon ground garlic

Garlic: 1 tablespoon garlic salt and 2 tablespoon ground garlic 

Italian Seasoning: 1 tablespoon ground garlic, 2 teaspoons each; rosemary, basil and oregano

Cinnamon Sugar: 1 tablespoon cinnamon, 2 tablespoons brown sugar

Simply Sweet: 3 tablespoons white sugar

Cheesy: 4 or 5 tablespoons of cheese powder

Garlic Parmesan: 2 teaspoons granulated garlic and 2 tablespoons Parmesan cheese

Taco : 1 package of taco seasoning

Pizza: 1 tablespoon Parmesan cheese, 1 teaspoon dried tomato powder, 1 teaspoon garlic powder and 1/2 teaspoon Italian seasonings

As you can see there are tons of different things you can use to flavor your homemade breadcrumbs! And you can use them on all sorts of things like…

That’s it for today! I hope you try out lots of these combinations to make your own breadcrumbs in a variety of flavors!

Make Your Own Breadcrumbs At Home - Food Life Design

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