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Make Your Own Vinegar at Home

Don’t waste your fruit scraps! Make your own vinegar at home instead and save a ton of money throughout the year!

Do you have any idea how many items you use that contain vinegar? Think about it! From salad dressing to pickles to herbal remedies to cleaning supplies and more. Imagine the things you can create if you make your own vinegar at home!

Homemade Peach Vinegar - Food Life Design


Now think about all the other nasty stuff that is inside those same store-bought products…

From rancid oils to preservatives to industrial chemicals, the ingredients in these items run the gamut from not great for you to could totally kill you if you consumed it on its own.

Save yourself the health issues and the money and learn to make your own instead.

It’s so simple!

And you can use apples, peaches, plums, berries, pineapple or any other fruit you have available. You could even mix and match fruits to create your very own flavor blend!

All you have to do is cut up some fruit or save your fruit scraps from another project.

Throw them into a jar.

Add some sugar, water and a splash of raw vinegar to get the fermentation started.

Stir it all up and cover with a coffee filter, cheesecloth or a pickle pipe.

Let it sit for a few days, then strain all the fruit out.

Reserve the liquid and return it to the jar.

Allow it to sit for a couple of weeks and wallah…you just made your own vinegar!

See how simple that was?! Why would you ever buy it again?

Yield: 1/2 Gallon Jar

Make Your Own Vinegar at Home

Homemade Peach Vinegar - Food Life Design


  • 2 cups fruit scraps or cut up fruit
  • 1-1/2 cup sugar
  • 4 cups water, filtered and/or distilled
  • 1 tablespoon raw vinegar


  1. Place fruit scraps or cut up fruit into a half gallon jar.
  2. Add sugar, water and raw vinegar.
  3. Stir to combine.
  4. Cover with a coffee filter, cheesecloth or pickle pipe.
  5. Place the mixture in a warm, shady spot and let it brew for 5 to 7 days.
  6. Stir daily to reduce chance of mold growth.
  7. After 7 days, strain the fruit from the liquid, reserving the liquid.
  8. Pour liquid back into the jar and cover. Allow it to brew for an additional 2 to 4 weeks or until it tastes like vinegar.
  9. Store in a cool, dark location.
Now you can make your own salad dressings

Homemade cleaning supplies

Herbal remedies

Homemade pickles

and more!

And if you wanna geek out on some science, pick up a package of pH test strips to test the acidity level of your vinegar.

I hope you’ve enjoyed learning how to make your own fruit vinegar. It’s so much fun to experiment with different fruit options and create different flavors.

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