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Making Paper Bag Stars With Kids

We made paper bags stars with the kids and they came out so magical and beautiful!

Crafting is a constant here on our homestead. Sometimes the projects are planned and other times we freestyle. However – they can get expensive when you are having to replenish materials over and over. That is why I love a good craft that involves the recycling! We made paper bags stars with the kids and they came out so magical and beautiful!

finished paper bag star

Follow these steps below to construct your very own stars to bring art into any room!!

Materials Needed:

  • 7-12 paper bags
  • Paint
  • Hot glue/glue gun
  • Hole puncher
  • String or ribbon 
  • Scissors

How To Make Paper Bag Stars

  1. Paint each outside surface of the paper bag with different colors and designs, allowing each side to dry in between painting. This could vary in time. Typically (2-3 hours from start to finish).
  2. Once the surfaces are dried, glue the bags together by creating an upside down “T” on the bag and laying the next bag on top. Make sure to keep the bags in the same direction. Continue until all the bags are glued together.
  3. Take the stack and cut a point into the top of the bags.
  4. Now fan the stack out and glue the last two bags together. 
  5. Punch a hole into one of the points and tie a string or ribbon to hang as a decoration!


paper bag

paper star

star paper

cut star

finished star


The most lovely part of this craft is you can do it with the kids or even alone. 

Want it to be more elegant or maybe more rustic? Don’t add any paint but instead make designs cutting patterns into the bags like you would a paper snowflake. 

This method gives a gorgeous finish that can create decorations for parties or even holidays!

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