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Autumn Leaves Mason Jar Nightlight Craft

Looking for a cute Fall craft to do with the kids? This Autumn leaves mason jar nightlight craft is easy and adorable! It is the perfect addition to the Fall decor or a new nightlight for the kids bedroom.

mason jar nightlight dark

This week has had all of the Autumn feels in the air. It has been a little cooler and rainy. I absolutely love this weather. It is still nice enough to get outside for fresh air but I feel a little less guilty if we stay cozy inside and spend the day baking and doing crafts.

My girls would be satisfied if I jam packed the week with arts and crafts. They love creating and using their imagination so we have a ton of open craft time. An actual craft party! I just fill table with materials and let them run wild.

Sometimes though, direction is good. So I always make sure to have at least a handful of crafts planned.

Fall time is so much fun to craft. Nature provides a ton of colorful and warm feeling materials and Halloween time adds a level of quirky fun too. 

Today we are going to be making decorated mason jars that bring the beautiful warm tones of Autumn inside. For my girls this craft acts as their new beautiful and creative night lights!

It is getting dark sooner after all….

autumn leaves craft

“Autumn leaf color” by INABA Tomoaki is licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

Autumn Leaves Mason Jar Nightlight Craft

Lets start by pulling together the materials. You really don’t need much at all! Just some mod podge, fall leaves colored tissue paper, brown construction paper, a paintbrush and battery operated tea lights. You can use regular tea lights if you plan to make these as decor for around the house with an adult lighting them!

mason jar nightlight materials

You will want to start by cutting up pieces of tissue paper. Make sure to have plenty of pieces and varieties of color so that you have enough to cover the mason jar or jars!

Mod Podge small sections and cover with tissue paper as it dries quickly. If you cover the entire jar it might dry before you can place your tissue paper to cover the entire jar. 

Next, use the brown construction paper to cut out a tree silhouette. Use the Mod Podge to place that on the jar as well. Then once everything is in place give the entire jar a good coat of Mod Podge to seal everything in place.

mason jar nightlight glue

Once all is dry it is ready to find it’s spot in the house to bring in the Autumn feels. Let the candle flicker and warm your soul!

mason jar nightlight finish

Other Jar Crafts for Kids

Mason jars are a really fun and easy item to make into a great and creative craft with kids. You don’t have to waste a ton of money on Ball mason jars either. Go to your local Dollar store and pick up cheaper jars to turn into a blast for the kiddos.

Here is a list of other mason jar craft ideas to do today….

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