Must Try Fall Comfort Foods

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Need a warm and cozy meal for dinner tonight? Here’s my favorite must try fall comfort foods!

The warm, homey smell of fall comfort foods, are some of my favorite reasons for the season.

Soups, stews and casseroles rank at the top of my list for food year round, but during the hot, sweltering days of summer, it’s kind of hard to turn the oven on for hours at a time. It makes the house really hot and then, we’re all sorts of cranky.

So, when the cool, breezes of fall come around, we’re all dying for a little comfort food.

Here’s a few of our favorites…


Chicken & Biscuits

My favorite fall comfort food! It had to be first on the list. The smell of Chicken & Biscuits cooking is the one of the most comforting smells on the planet. And there is nothing better to warm you up on a chilly night!


Super easy stove top mac and cheese recipe and no oven needed. It's cheesy, creamy and super simple | @whiteonrice
From White On Rice Couple

One Pot, Stove Top, Creamy Mac & Cheese from White on Rice Couple

My daughters would kill me if I didn’t include at least 1 recipe for Mac and Cheese. It’s their favorite comfort food and what could be easier than a one pot recipe?


Fall Comfort Foods: Broccoli cheese soup in the slow cooker
From Family Balance Sheet

Broccoli Cheese Soup from Family Balance Sheet

Prepare ahead and this delicious Broccoli Cheese Soup could be waiting for you when you get home on the next chilly night!


Fall Comfort Foods: One Pan Chicken Alfredo Pasta
From Number 2 Pencil

One Pan Chicken Alfredo from No. 2 Pencil

Chicken Alfredo is another favorite around here…for our oldest daughter and I, anyway! The husband and our youngest daughter don’t have quite the same taste for it. However, with this one pan Chicken Alfredo recipe, it’s simple to throw together for just the two of us!


Homemade Lasagna Recipe

Homemade Lasagna

You knew I couldn’t leave it out! It’s my favorite meal….My ultimate comfort food…no matter what time of year!

I hope you enjoy these delicious Fall Comfort Foods as much as we do!

Have a Spectacular Day!


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