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It’s National Pen Pal Day!

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It’s National Pen Pal Day! Why not send a special note to a friend, family member or your pen pal?

When I was in middle school social studies, we signed up for pen pals from around the world. I was paired with a girl from Australia and we immediately began sending letters back and forth. Our transcontinental pen pal friendship continued right on through junior high. Throughout the years we sent pictures, trinkets and post cards from our travels. She even called me on my birthday one year!

Our letters were always sent on the prettiest stationery that usually included Lisa Frank stickers and Mr. Sketch scented markers. (Hey, it was the early 90s – don’t judge me.) In fact, I think that maybe where my love of stationery and paper goods began. I treasured the special friendship and I’ve always regretted that we lost touch.


It’s sad to see that most of today’s kids don’t have a pen pal. They don’t even really send handwritten notes anymore. It’s all about texting and the internet. Unfortunately, that’s the way of the world today and it doesn’t look we’ll be returning to snail mail any time soon. But for those of us left that still treasure the gift of a handwritten note or card, today on National Pen Pal Day, is the day to celebrate that. Take the time to sit down today and write a letter to a friend, a family member or (if you’re lucky enough to have one) your pen pal. I promise your note will be treasured for a long time to come.

Here’s some pretty and fun stationery ideas, for both kids and adults, to get you in the mood to write…

Personalized Stationery to Send Pen Pals for Kids:

Personalized Sports Stationery Set - Personalized Stationery - Sports Stationery for Men - Stationery for Boys - Custom Sports Stationery

Sports Stationery


Personalized Roller Skate Stationery Set - Custom Roller Skate Stationery - 50 Color Choices - Stationery for Girls Roller Skate Stationary

Roller Skate Stationery


Personalized Dump Truck Stationery Set - Dump Truck Stationery - Stationery for Boys - Dump Truck Stationery Set

Dump Truck Stationery


Personalized Watermelon Stationery Set, Watermelon Notepad, Watermelon Note Cards, Watermelon Stationery

Watermelon Stationery

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Personalized Stationery to send your Adult Pen Pal:

Hummingbird Stationery Set, Personalised Stationary, Hummingbird Notepad, Hummingbird Note Cards, Stationery, Personalized Stationery Set

Hummingbird Stationery


Personalized Pine Tree Stationery Set - Personalized Pine Tree Stationery - Stationery for Men - Men's Stationery - Pine Tree Stationery

Pine Tree Stationery


Personalized Tulip Stationery Set - Personalized Stationery - Floral Stationery - Tulip Stationary - Stationary for Women - Tulip Stationery

Tulip Stationery


Personalized Stationery Set, Personalised Stationary Set, Boxed In, 50 Color Choices, Stationery for Men

Boxed In Stationery

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I hope this post inspired you to send a handwritten note to a friend, family member or your own pen pal. I’d love to see the pen pal revolution begin again!

Have a Spectacular Day!