News & Updates – April 2016

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News & Updates – April 2016



How has the 1st quarter of your year been going? I’ve been super busy here and I have a lot of news and updates to share with you today!

So, let’s get right to it, shall we?

1st Quarter News & Updates

16 Goals for 2016


  • Recreate “date night” with the husband & do something fun with the girls at least 1 a month – Pass, although sometimes date night means grocery shopping!
  • Go on 1 week-long family vacation this year – Not Yet!
  • Learn and put more effort into producing and making our food – Working On It!
  • Focus more on creative recycling and frugality – Working On It!


  • Finish Master Bedroom Makeover – Pass – not yet decorated, but everything is in place!
  • Start/Finish Laundry Room Makeover – Not Yet!
  • Start/Finish Kitchen Makeover – Not Yet!
  • De-Clutter and Minimize – Working On It!



  • Update listings & Declutter – Add new photos, beef up product descriptions and remove old products that are outdated or don’t sell well. – Working On It!
  • Add more designs to current product lines on Etsy shop – Working On It!
  • Add more designs to Zazzle store – Working On It!
  • Introduce 2 new product lines (Hint…neither one is printable!) – Pass – we introduced new wood signs & wooden calendar holders. Plus, a bonus product – New Personalized Stationery!

  • Update logo – Pass – updated the logo with my own handwriting to better reflect my business and brand.
  • Update website design & layout – Pass – I’m loving the new, clean look on the blog – What do you think?
  • Post 4 to 5 times each week – Working On It!
  • Write posts 1 to 2 week(s) ahead – Not Yet!

Okay, so I’m no where near done with my 16 for 2016, but that’s fine!

I’ve got 8 months left to go and considering I have accomplished 5 out of the 16 already, I guess I’m not doing to badly.

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How are you doing on your goals list this year?

Have a Great Day!


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