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Our Festive Week

Come along to hear about our festive week! 

It was a week filled with all things holiday, as we start to get into the feel of seasonal magic. From here until the beginning of January we will make sure to pack our moments with all of extra cozy feelings and activities to keep our girls feeling like they are living in a beautiful holiday snowglobe.

Having children on the holidays is absolutely one of my favorite times of the year. We get to witness all of it through their eyes and we make sure to keep it alive in their hearts as much as possible!

It doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive to make it meaningful and memorable. We have simple and fun moments all throughout the week and weekend that my daughters remember all throughout the year and years to come!

Our Festive Week 

festive week

We start by lugging up the totes of Christmas decorations on a chilly evening and playing a Christmas music soundtrack in the background and we always finish our night with a little hot chocolate party and a Christmas movie. This year, we started with A Christmas Carol. 

Thankfully both my husband and I are big fans of the season. I know that not everyone gets as into the festivities but we enjoyed it all long before we started our family together. Now that there are little ones in our home, the magic has just gotten more grand!

We also shift our curriculum in homeschool to cold weather activities and learning. We incorporate the holiday season into lessons, crafts and art classes! This might include a cooking class that has some holiday dishes, making new ornaments and garland or just simply exploring and playing in the winter wonderland! 

Ideas For Outdoor Winter Fun

My article Winter Outdoor Activities For Families has some wonderful things to do! Including making gorgeous ice sun catchers! You can also check out when we Visited The Ice Castles! What an amazing trip! Well worth the travel and if you have one somewhat near your area, check them out. If you want a fun indoor craft that might bring some magic into a room of your home try Making Paper Bag Stars With Kids.

Lastly, Our Vermont Family Holiday Traditions talks about some of the other ways we incorporate the holiday spirit into our world this time of the year, like edible cozy log cabins!

Remember, being with family and enjoying the time together is of the upmost importance. It is truly the greatest gift there is. 

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