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Outside Of The Box Holiday Gift Ideas

Are you just starting your Christmas shopping? Or are you maybe finishing up and having a tough time with the last couple of people that are just overly tough to choose for? Well, these outside of the box holiday gift ideas might be just what you needed to stumble across!

There are some unique ideas, from the heart options or maybe some that could start a tradition in your holiday gift giving routine…

Partridge In A Personalized Tree

This batch is for the custom and personalized buyers. You really don’t have to spend a fortune to make a gift customized and a little bit of personalization on an item makes it much more sentimental and special. It shows the recipient that you went the extra mile to put some effort into your decision about what to get for them and had it made, rather than just grabbed it at the store on the way to the gathering. 

Photographs Turned Stickers

The new fad is stickers…..everywhere! Hydroflask stickers, vehicle stickers or laptop stickers. The list goes on and on and goes for all ages. You can find fun stickers that speak to all types of folks in every general store, gas station and gift shop around. 

I know my family has a fun tradition of adding a sticker onto our yeti camping mugs every camping trip we go on! Symbolizes that particular place and trip in time. It is fun and we have mugs adorned with loads of quirky stick ons now. 

Why not bring it up another level and have some of your favorite photographs turned into stickers? Could be of a place, a pet, grandchildren or more!

There are some great shops around Etsy that will take your photograph and make it a perfect sticker transfer but if you want to add another level of quirk then you can find shops that turn your photographs into cartoon like versions! 

You can also follow Sprinkled With Paper’s tutorial to printing stickers with Cricuit and do it yourself!

out of the box gift cricuit

Image credit: Sprinkled With Paper

Long Lasting Engraved Lyrics

Do you have a song that has a meaning between you and someone you are looking to purchase a gift for? This could be a wedding song, a song from a childhood memory, graduation song or just from an artist you both love. 

You could have these lyrics engraved into a multitude of things that would hold really sentimental value. Or even just a simple handwritten note.

A leather wallet for your father, a compass for your travel companion or maybe a watchband for the one who you wish you had all of the time in the world with. 

out of the box leather wallet



Stationary Made For One

A personalized stationary set really speaks volumes to gift to someone’s desk. It makes them feel both in their career and in your life feel just that much more meaningful. 

The creator, herself, of Food-Life-Design is also the shop owner and designer of Etsy shop – VLHamlin Design – a one stop shop for all of your stationary needs. Offering notepads, notecards, gift tags and customized cuteness for anybody in your life! 

Vanessa designs hand drawn illustrations and all products have customizable options. You can make any of the gifts in her shop just right for the person whom will be receiving your gift package. 

Check out her shop to browse all of the options, they are endless!

out of the box gift notepad

Have Yourself A Merry Little Monthly Membership Box

Monthly membership boxes have really exploded the last couple of years. At first it was focused on food or self care. Next they expanded to couples and even children themed boxes! Now there are options for just about anything you could think of. No matter your hobby, passion, need or want…there is a monthly box for it. These can be tailored exactly to the person specifically or can be a mix and match surprise in some cases, too!

I thought I would showcase some of the ones I have either tried firsthand or heard rave reviews about…in multiple different categories, which will leave the (To:) line on your gift tag a little easier to fill in.

KiwiCo Kids Discovery Boxes

KiwiCo is a company that does age appropriate monthly subscription boxes with projects and activities all lead by STEAM. Each month your child will receive a new box with new challenges and adventure inside. 

The subscription boxes are as follows:

  • Panda Crate: 0-24 months – Explore & Discover
  • Koala Crate: 2-4 years – Play & Learn
  • Kiwi Crate: 5-8 years – Science, Art & More
  • Atlas Crate: 6-11 years – Geography & Culture
  • Yummy Crate – 6-14 years – Science of Cooking
  • Tinker Crate: 9-14 years – Science & Engineering
  • Doodle Crate: 9-16 years – Create & Craft
  • Eureka Crate: 12-100 years – Engineering & Design
  • Maker Crate: 14-100 years – Art & Design

So as you can see….there is truly something for anyone!

Earthlove Box 

A natural and holistic monthly subscription box that features 6-8 full size products that range from gardening supplies, upcycled jewelry, an educational book to bring you closer to nature, organic beauty and self care and more! It is a box bountiful with clean products and is the perfect gift for someone who you know dedicates their days to living more naturally.

The Adventure Box

This box is packed with fun! It sets you up with a keepsake book to hold all of your documented adventures in. There are so many different bundles to choose from. There is a couples, kids, family, solo, lunchbox idea, kiddo bedtime adventure themed scratch off cards and more! You can even upgrade your bundle to include a polaroid style handheld camera to make the personalization of your keepsake book that much more special.

One of the greatest things about these boxes is they offer options. Some you can purchase just a single box for the person you are gifting to. While you can also have the option to a 3, 6 or 12 month membership for them. You might be able to pick a complete “at random” selection for the box or maybe customize a little to the person who will be receiving its interests. 

Rudolph The Homesteading Reindeer

In my experience some of the most cherished gifts I have received were handmade right from the giver. Whether that meant a crochet pair of mittens or a hand painted ornament. My all time favorite is homemade fruits of labor from the kitchen of the one gifting. Being a homesteader myself I know the hard work, dedication and heart that goes into making anything from scratch. Once you bring that up another notch and jar, can or put it together with a little extra festive love it stands out as so special in my book.

Apple Scrap Jelly Recipe

The first is this incredible apple scrap jelly recipe. This will keep you even less wasteful in the kitchen all the while providing a delicious and sweet holiday treat!

Apple Scrap Jelly 1

Lemon Balm Tincture

This would be the perfect gift to give for someone who is building their natural remedy shelf. This lemon balm tincture helps with headaches, toothaches, vomiting and more! A gift that is healing is such a beautiful gift to give, especially when made within the walls of one you love. 

How to Make and Use Lemon Balm Tincture

Homemade Beard Oil

Is there a guy in your life that takes pride in the health of his beard hair? Beard oils, creams and other products are really popular and can be purchased in so many different places. Consider making a batch of your own! This is a fun gift to put together, easy and also allows you to really customize it to the persons preferences. 

homemade beard oil apply

This season is a season of giving, togetherness and kindness. Whatever it is that you choose to gift make sure to remember that it is the thought and care that when into the package rather than the monetary value. You can make someone feel like they are important in your world for just a couple of pennies if you pay attention to the important details!

Now that you are equipped with some neat new ideas….go get that list checked off!

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Love, light and a little grace…