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How to Pack a Carry On Bag for Kids Under 10

Flying with young children can seem like a really intimidating task. Let me tell you how to pack a carry on bag for kids under 10 that will help that flight go by with a breeze – this could work for a road trip too! 

You are thinking keeping little ones put in a seat and quiet enough to not disturb the other passengers might be a challenge but it’s not impossible. Like in any situation if you come equipped ready for the task you can get the job done. 


How To Pack a Carry On Bag for Kids- Packing with 5 senses in mind


Something to keep their mind engaged and at work. Something they can keep their eyes on without losing interest too fast. A new item will always spark curiosity and keep them interested a little longer. It doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg either. Even a $1 new coloring or activity book would suffice! Some great ideas…

coloring carry on


Preloading your phone or a tablet with some of your child’s favorite songs or even relaxing music to have them listen to during the flight is a great way to keep them soothed with comfort. There is also a wide variety of children’s podcasts and audio books available that might be a better option than music.


music for carry on bag


Plane snacks can be pricey- and limited. Make sure to prepack a good variety of their favorite “minimal mess” snacks. A lunchbox or bag with lots options!


snacks to carry on


Comfort is key! One of the biggest reasons your child might cause a fuss is for being uncomfortable both physically and emotionally. Make sure that the on plane outfit they wear is stretchy, cozy and comfortable and pack a change of clothes for them to go into once you have landed and even before leaving the airport! 


comfortable clothes for carry on


Bring an item from home. A blanket or stuffed animal will give them the smell and comfort of home. If leaving parent try a spray of perfume or hand lotion! This will give them familiar and comforting feelings!

stuffed animal for carry on

A couple of added items that can’t ever hurt…

  • Wet wipes to wipe down any surfaces they child will use or make a mess of
  • Pull ups or diapers for the smaller children
  • Gum, lollipop or fruit snacks to help with ear pain during take off or landing
  • A tablet or movie player.

how to carry on bag

Using this senses guide can help you pack items to satisfy your little one and keep their minds and hands busy during a flight. 

Before you know it- they will ease into play time and possibly even nap with all that added comfort.

You don’t want to go overboard and overwhelm them- or yourselves- with a huge mess. 

So follow my steps on how to pack a carry on bag for kids under 10 and safe and satisfying travels to you all!

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Love, light and a little grace…