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Planning An Enchanted Forest Child’s Birthday Party

I had so much fun planning an enchanted forest child’s birthday party for my girls that both have September birthdays! They love all things whimsical and magical so this was the perfect party for them!

Growing up I spent so much time collecting woodland objects and turning them into fairy houses all through my backyard and into the wood line of my property. I believed deep in my heart that fairy dust and forests filled with mystery and enchanted creatures were alive and exploring!

enchanted tapestry

I always wanted to be one with them. Living in mushrooms and floating on leaves down babbling brooks. So when I was blessed with not only one daughter, but three, I knew right off that I would pour my love for magic and nature directly into their tiny souls.

Guess what? I didn’t even have to try! They were born with natural fairy fluttering love but also the love of unicorns, mermaids, dragons and more!

After a tough couple of years without gatherings and parties I knew we had to make this one extra special. What better way to do that then incorporate all of the enchanted creatures and let them be free within their own imaginations for a mystical birthday bash?

Planning An Enchanted Forest Child’s Birthday Party

I love to put tiny little touches on a party. In another lifetime I probably would have been a party planner. It brings me so much joy to let my creativity go wild. I knew that the fact a lot of the guests would be tiny meant I had to incorporate lots of activities to keep them busy and snacks….always have the snacks! We even made sure to have flower crowns for any small or tall party goers that might need a little dash of magic added to their day.

enchanted crowns

Fancy Food for an Enchanted Forest Child’s Party

By focusing a lot on easy grab and go style food – themed of course…it really pulled the whimsical out and kept the grumpy trolls at bay. 

Witches Brew

This witches brew punch was a hit! I had these tiny fish bowls that I thought would work perfectly as a mini witches cauldron, so I looked for the best witchy packed punch for the kids to sip down. I found this recipe from Sugar and Soul and loved the color! It was also really tasty. A great mix of lemonade and fizz with some grape soda for coloring and sherbet for extra spooky pizzazz. 

The perfect concoction for the enchanted witches that left the forest to party with us!

enchanted brew

Easy Woodland Themed Snacks

I wanted to keep food prep to a minimum. We did a big ol’ fashioned pizza party as our main course so having some lighter fare to devour while waiting for the bubbly cheese goodness to be ready was important.

How simple and cute are these themed munchers I put together? Not a ton of effort but certainly not lacking on the sweetness factor! 

Plus – the kids got a kick of goofing around saying, “Mom! I ate a caterpillar!”

enchanted dew enchanted lady bugs enchanted goodie enchanted tree stumps enchanted caterpillars

Sweet As A Fairy

We opted out of cake. Sure – is it great to have some magnificent baker whip up the cake of the century? Yes! But we decided cupcakes were it! Then we didn’t have to worry about people not liking the flavor we chose…options were easier. I got some really simple cupcakes made and found these cupcake toppers that are just the perfect addition. They look like they are straight out of a storybook. 

Great quality toppers that held up. I was really impressed by them! I got them on Amazon..check them out!

All in all the cupcakes and toppers cost me just over $20. What a win!

enchanted cupcakes

Magical Makings for an Enchanted Forest Child’s Party

Keeping a big group of kids busy through a party is important. We love to let them free play too but having some themed interactions is a great time! It keeps the feeling of the party alive and gives them a memory to associate with the party all together. 

I decided to not do goodie bags. In my opinion they are mostly filled with stuff kiddos barely use. Or they get them home and rip them open for half of it to never be seen again. 

I decided to do stations that we could create things for them to take home instead!

Build Your Own Fairy House

Probably the highlight of the entire party was the fairy house building station. All of the kids got to really get creative and let their personalities shine. Now the kids can find a special spot at their own house to place their fairy houses so that our fluttery friends have shelter through the fall and chilly Winter.

fairy house build

I purchased a variety accessory kit with lots of different tiny options from ladybugs and bees, to fences and chairs, to other furry friends and signs! This allowed the kids to have fun add-ons to their houses!

fairy house material

My husband cut rounds to give our tiny builders more space to create. We nailed the houses down into the tree rounds and they were ready for decoration. The houses themselves I got on Amazon….they are just tiny birdhouses! They are made to be paint your own however I wanted to encourage natural nature coverage of our houses so I opted out of paint.

fairy house build

We had a large basket filled with leaves, bark, moss and more! It really brought the forest feels right to our project!

Design Your Own Dragon

A more simple activity that was great for all ages and very self explanatory was the scratch art dragons station! There were a variety of dragons that you could scratch and make your own patterns into. They also had magnets to attach should you want to make them into a fun magnet for the fridge!

enchanted dragons

Enchanted Lanterns

Much like my recent Autumn Leaves Mason Jar Nightlight Craft we created enchanted forest lanterns for the kids to take home to help lead their way in their own enchanted play. We added in more color options because in the enchanted forest the colors are endless! Between witches and mermaids and trolls and fairies! 

enchanted laterns

I felt like a kid again, trapped – happily – in a world of wonder. We had a mystical day with some of our most favorite enchanted creatures. Now, time to go check to see if the fairies have moved into to our house beneath the trees.

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