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Planting an Indoor Herb Garden

This year we decided on planting on indoor herb garden, rather than outdoor. We added more raised beds to the lot but we had some other and new vegetables we wanted to take up that space so we went with growing our herbs right inside! It will keep them more confined and tamed and it will also be really easy access to use for cooking. 

If there is one thing I’ve learned about having a successful growing season, all the while having young children, is try to keep things as easy to manage as possible! That might mean planting veggies that don’t require a ton of maintenance or moving your herbs inside to snip and cook with – easier. 

This year I will plan to use lots of fresh herbs in mealtimes but I also plan to try drying some of my herbs as well. 

counter herbs

Planting An Indoor Herb Garden

You’ll want to determine what type of container you are looking for. Grow in mason jars, small pots, glass bottles…the options are endless.

You don’t need a ton of space to grow herbs! You can grow countertop, windowsill or even hang your pots from a wall!!

I found a spot in my house that little hands won’t be as tempted to go to and that gets good amounts of sunlight during the day. Although most herbs only require 5-6 hours of sunlight a day. 

I then made sure to have everything I needed..

plant herbs

You will then fill the containers 3/4 of the way with soil and follow the directions for how deep each seed need to be sowed.

seed herb

You will want to make sure you have some type of indicator for what pot holds what herb so that you know as the sprouting process happens.

This could be popsicles sticks as you see here or something like these garden labels.

herb indicator

Most herbs will germinate in two weeks or less! This means a really simple indoor herb garden will start providing for you FAST!

Fresh herbs will bring your recipes to another level and you can also take the time to dry and store them which is another self sufficient way of homesteading!!

The greatest part of this all is it doesn’t matter where you live or if you even have the outdoor growing option. You can grow an indoor herb garden anywhere!

herbs in pot

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