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Raised Bed Garden Tour

I mentioned in articles past that we were expanding the homestead this year. One of the ways that we were going to do that was by adding in more raised beds and revamping our existing ones to be be larger and newer! Since then, we have been hard at work! So I thought what better what to show you the progress that we’ve made other than bringing you on a tour!

Plus, if you are a gardener at all, showing off your garden is something you are always up for!

We purchased the milled wood from family, brought it back to Vermont and my husband constructed these beautiful beds for me. We have really expanded and that gave me more room to produce extra of certain items we consume a lot of and add some brand new, never given a shot at, goodies.

2023 Raised Bed Garden Tour

Before The Planting Began

After many nights of putting together our new garden boxes after the little ones went to bed we were finally ready to place and fill them! We had some lovely composted soil from past beds that we were able to utilize. We also filled the beds about halfway with layers of natural materials that will break down to produce rich soil for us in the future. This included leaves, grass clippings, old logs and hay from old chicken beddings. We also mixed together more composted soil, Coastal Maine Organic Raised Bed Mix which contains organic mulch, fertilizer and compost blended.


raised garden bed before


As The Seeds Took To Soil

Over time I was able to start dropping my seeds into soil. We don’t have the greatest interior light, so to do many starters has always been a challenge for us. Therefor, my pepper and tomato plants are the two that I buy starters from a local greenhouse. Everything else goes directly from seed into soil in our beds. We have always had really great success with growing this way. Sometimes, however, the weather here in Vermont can give us challenges!


raised garden beds planting


Goodie Production

First, we have our tomato and pepper beds. We are growing 3 different variations of cherry tomatoes and 2 different variations of larger tomatoes. The cherry tomatoes won’t last long, they hardly make it inside! My girls LOVE to snack on tomatoes right from the vine. The larger tomatoes I will use in making and preserving sauces and salsas with!

In our pepper bed we have several different types of sweet bell peppers. These are larger eating in my home! For myself, I have just one plant that produces a hot pepper. I am a lone gal that enjoys the spicier side of cuisine. 


garden tour tomato pepper


Next up we have cucumbers, both yukon gold and russett potatoes, 2 types of carrots and zucchini. The cucumbers will be consumed fresh daily and I will make loads of different flavored pickles. Some we keep and some we gift throughout the year! Potatoes and carrots we will harvest and keep to consume throughout the year some fresh and some frozen. As for zucchini, I tend to take a large bit of the harvest and pre-shred before freezing. I then use it throughout the year to bake with!


garden tour veg


We have garlic, brussels, beets, broccoli, cauliflower and an herb garden. Our cauliflower isn’t doing great this year. We’ve lost a couple of our plants all together and the growth on the remaining is less than desirable. I am staying positive and hoping for a turnaround as we haven’t lost them all yet. Our garlic is doing great even though we were late in the season to plant.

We love our beets! The beets are a variety pack of all different kinds. This not only gives me a lovely surprise when we pull them as to what we will get but it makes for a lovely roasted blend of flavors! I also enjoy all the different flavors of beet greens!


garden tour veg continued


I am so enthusiastic for our harvest this year. Expanding the amount we are growing has come with a lot more work but it is rewarding. The lessons I will teach my daughters about the cycle of growth and harvest and preservation are life long lessons. 

This tiny homestead we have built has been all completely self taught, with a little help and guidance from fellow homesteaders. We have come a far way since the solo small scrap pallet built raised bed we started with. 

I hope that you enjoyed my garden tour! If you haven’t taken chances on growing your own food know that it is do-able! Even if you have limited space. Through trial, error and triumph you could also provide homegrown food for your families bellies too!

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