Reduce Your Paper Clutter…Once and For All

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Do you feel like you are drowning in your paper clutter?

Don’t worry! It happens to the best of us.

As a writer and designer, I find myself swimming in paper clutter on a regular basis. Between sketches, outlines, random ideas and general household clutter, I (almost) always have paper everywhere!

Reduce your paper clutter…once and for all! 

Over the years, I’ve found lots of different ideas to reduce the paper clutter. Some of the tips I’ve found work really well and others…not so much!  But hey, it’s always worth a shot, right? Below I’ve compiled a list of a few of the ways that work best for me. I hope these ideas help you too!

Reduce Your Paper Clutter

Control & Destroy

Start with the paper you already have cluttering up your house. You know, the pile sitting on the counter and the one on the table next to the front door, too…

Go through the pile(s) and separate the trash from the papers you need to keep. And be realistic, do you really need to save every single worksheet your daughter ever brought home from school?

Build a “Paper House”

Create a spot in your house where you can keep important papers organized. Whether you choose a filing cabinet, folders or even a shoebox, you need to have a “paper house” where your important paperwork can live. Don’t set it down on that table and think you’ll “get to it later”, because you likely won’t. Every time you bring new paperwork into your house you should Control & Destroy right away!

Stop Bringing IN the Trash

Stop bringing excess paper clutter into your home!

This is the most important thing to remember. 

Leave excess paperwork at work. Throw your junk mail straight into the recycling bin before you enter the house. Create a paper bin for the kids to dispose of their scraps.

Utilize Your Paper Clutter

When all else fails and you can’t seem to reduce your paper clutter…utilize it! There is a zillion different ways to craft using recycled paper. If you’re feeling crafty, try one of these ideas…

Paper Star – Using recycled Christmas cards…from Jenny Harada

Quilling – Create any sort of art print using scraps of recycled paper…from wikihow

Handmade Paper – Utilize your paper clutter to make more (and prettier) paper from Altered Alchemy

That’s all I’ve got for today! I hope these ideas help you reduce your paper clutter once and for all!

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