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Repurposing A Shed Into A Chicken Coop

When we decided to add laying hens into our homestead we wanted to get them set up with a secure and comfortable coop. We were looking to not spend an arm and a leg on purchasing a coop from the store or lots of materials to build one from the ground up so we went with repurposing a shed into a chicken coop! We even decided that it was possible to keep some of the space for shed storage too. 

Repurposing our shed into a chicken coop

We built a divider wall made part way of wood and the top half chicken wire. Air flow was important. We wanted to be able to open the opposite side and allow cross flow between the divided sections. 

wall shed

wall shed 2

We then built boxes for the chickens to have a comfortable space to lay their eggs, seek shelter or rest.

chicken shed

Next we cut a 14×14 square opening on the side of the shed and attached hardware to allow a door leading out for movement during daylight hours and security from outside predators during dark hours. 

shed door

shed door 2

We then collected wood, debarked and created a tip to utilize as fence posts and attached chicken wire held down by ground tent stakes to make a large outdoor enclosure that the swing door led to. 

shed outside

A generalized breakdown of costs of repurposing our shed into a chicken coop…

Ground Stakes: $10

Chicken Wire: $75

Hardware: $15-$20

Our hens took right to the coop and started laying the very first night. They were comfortable- very apparently. 

We were able to repurpose our shed into a chicken coop for about $100.

By repurposing materials we had on hand, using natural materials like small limbs for posts and being creative we were able create a space for our layers that didn’t cost an arm and a leg!

shed chicken coop

You might even have a structure on your property other than a shed that could be used or upcycled into or part of a chicken coop!

Using what you have, repurposing and recycling is not only cost effective but helps in making less waste overall….and THAT is a homesteaders dream!

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