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Shadow Painting With Kids

This weekend we took some down time to disconnect from technology and reconnect as a family. Our Summer schedules have been non stop so I felt that this was really important for us, to breathe. We did some lovely shadow painting with the kids!

We do as many crafts and learning activities through nature as we can. Not only is nature a natural teacher but our girls thrive when outside and exploring. They love wildlife, bugs, flowers and trees! 

This craft is a very simple way to allow them to zone in on their fine motor skills and patience practicing as well as gives them a spark to be artist, too!

Shadow Painting with Kids

The beauty of this craft is that every time you do it and each person to do it, will come out so vastly different! The sun may shift behind the clouds leaving the shadow’s appearance slightly different every time it presents. This will allow the outline to change and weave as they trace.


You Will Need:

  • Canvas or white paper
  • Small vase
  • Sharpened pencil
  • 3-4 stems of foliage or flower at varying length
  • Water color paints
  • Paint brush
  • Cup of water


shadow painting shadow

shadow painting 2

Step 1:

Go adventuring to find 3-4 stems of foliage and flowers. You want to aim for the stems to be varying lengths but long enough to give you a good stretch of shadow across your paper or canvas. 


Step 2: 

Arrange your stems in a small vase, watching how they cast a shadow, until you are happy with the shadow arrangement.


Step 3:

Use a sharpened pencil to gently trace the outline of your arrangement on the canvas or paper. 

Note: the shadow may change slightly as sun dips and weaves behind clouds. You may have to practice patience as your shadow mutes and then reappears. It will give an interesting and creative final affect!


shadow traced


Step 4:

This part is where the artist in you, or the children, can really come out to play! You can use your memory to try to recreate the arrangement through paint or use the wonderfully fun shapes you have traced to bring to life a brand new piece of art!



paint shadow finish

paint finished

Other Watercolor Art Crafts For Kids

Watercolor paint is such a beautiful tool to do art projects with. The delicate colors and how they blend always has my girls in wonder. Here are some other lovely crafts you can do with your children involving watercolors!

STEAM Watercolor Line Art by School Time Snippets

Watercolor Ocean Art by Inspiration Laboratories 

Kandinsky Circles Painting by Messy Little Monsters

Watercolour and Glue Resist Heart Painting by Arty Crafty Kids

Get out in nature and craft your little hearts out! Mother nature supplies us with bountiful supplies and inspiration!

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