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Simple Tie Dye Egg Coloring

We have had a tiring couple of weeks! Between some unexpected life events, Spring planning and some exciting new construction about to begin we have been feeling a little more exhausted than usual. So we made it a point to do a fun Easter activity with our girls this week- simple tie dye egg coloring!

Coloring Easter eggs has come a long way in the last few years. I remember when picking up the egg dying kits as about your only option. To me, it was fun but messy and it became one of those things that I yearned for more creativity in. 

We have done many different variations of egg coloring since becoming parents. For us, a lot had to do with having younger children and the safety of consumption with coloring tabs or staining during the process! 

We have done shaving cream egg dying, painting and last year we even tried Natural Egg Dying from your Food Scraps. Which was not only educational and less waste but also gave us gorgeous colored eggs. 

My girls are a little older now and one of their favorite things to do is tie dye clothing so I thought this was a really fun way to try out! It allows some more creativity and the end product is like unwrapping a groovy gift! 

tie dye done

Simple Tie Dye Egg Coloring

All you need is eggs to hard boil, food coloring, a spray bottle, paper towels and tiny hair ties! I might recommend you wear a pair of gloves as the food coloring can stain! 

simple tie dye eggs

Step One – Boil Eggs: 

Hard boil your eggs! If you have farm fresh eggs we have a great tutorial here – Foolproof Method For Hard Boiling Farm Fresh Eggs

If you are using store bought I recommend you…

  1. Place your eggs into a pot covered in water and bring to a rolling boil. 
  2. Cover and remove from heat. 
  3. Allow to sit for 15 minutes.
  4. Use a slotted spoon to transfer to your eggs from the pot of hot water to an ice bath. (bowl of cold water with a handful or more of ice cubes)
  5. Allow to cool and then air dry.


Step Two – Paper Towel Cover:

Place your dry egg in the center of a paper towel. Bring the paper towel up and secure with a small hair tie. You can pick these up at the dollar store for a single buck!

simple tie dye wrap


Step Three – Food Coloring Drops:

This step takes a little more focus. You will want to take your time dropping the colors onto the paper towel so that they do not bleed together and make one solid colored egg. 

The objective is to not leave too much white paper showing on the egg without bleeding the colors together completely.

simple tie dye egg


Step Four – Blend With Water:

Using a spray bottle with a gentle spray function, spray your egg until saturated and colors merge slightly. 

simple tie dye egg

Step Five – Allow To Dry (Be Patient): 

Place them into a pan, making sure they are not touching so that colors don’t transfer from one to the next. 

You will want to aim to let these colorful beauties dry overnight. However if you are impatient like my little ones and cannot wait that long to see your creations you could put a fan directly on them for at least 2 hours before unwrapping. You want the paper towel to by dry!


The end product is the best part. Every egg will be just a little different with crazy cool color blends! 


tie dye egg unwrapped


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I hope you all have a lovely and blessed Easter weekend with your families! 

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