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Slow Down Season

The slow down season has officially commenced and I am feeling lots of relief this year. Man oh man was it a busy spring and summer! Between expanding my gardens and all of the preservation, the rest and relaxation of those seasons was minimal. 

However, it was all so worth it! My shelves and freezer are full of fresh garden goodies that my family can enjoy all year long. It was even more important this year than others as food is out of reach expensive right now!

So here is your reminder to slow down too!


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Ways To Embrace Slow Down Season

Here are some of the top ways that my family embraces slow down season rather than dread the lessened daylight and cooler days…

Allow Rest

We make it a point to allow ourselves to lean into the earlier evenings. The darkness setting in sooner can seem like a harsh adjustment to your routine but instead of looking at in a negative light we tend to embrace it. This encourages earlier dinner, time to be together and unwind and earlier bed times as well. 

The season of hibernation.


Fuel Your Body

I spend a lot of time all year round making sure we are eating nutritious meals. Now that the fresh garden vegetables are past I will spend a lot of time incorporating our preserved foods into our meals. I fuel our body with hearty stews, roasts, scratch breads and crockpot meals!

Slow Cooker Stout ChiliHearty Homemade Corn ChowderBeef Bone Broth, Tomato Soup, and Maple Baked Beans Recipes  are some of my favorite recipes to incorporate into our cold season dinner schedule!


Connecting With Family

We make family time one of the most important parts of our weeks. During the winter seasons and after the busy season of warmer months being together in a more quiet manner is important. We do a lot of camping and traveling in the warm months so being home together we find peace in some slow down time. 

One of the ways we enjoy our time together is through arts & crafts as all of our children really enjoy doing these types of projects. 

Here are some of the crafts we will do in our downtime….


I hope that you take some time to appreciate the slow down season with your family. Giving yourself time to rest and recover from all of the hard work that goes into the year and keeping a homestead warrants some time to unplug from the hustle and bustle and plug into yourself and your family!