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Spring Has Arrived, a Wedding and a New House Portrait

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Spring: a lovely reminder of how beautiful change can be…

It’s here…spring is finally here and I don’t think it’s going to leave this time! At least I’m praying it doesn’t…I don’t think I could stand to see anymore snow this year.

Although, I have to continue looking at it in the backyard, because it doesn’t ever see the sun back there and it’ll probably take until July for it to melt. But, at least the temperatures are warming up and the flowers in the front of the house are starting to grow!



The daffodils are starting to grow and by the looks of it, they’re going to bloom soon, too! I can’t wait!



And the rhubarb is coming up already, too. My husband and my oldest daughter are patiently waiting for these babies to grow so they can have their favorite springtime desserts, Rhubarb Crisp and Strawberry-Rhubarb Pie.

Hiking through the Green Mountains

This past Sunday was the first of the really beautiful weather and we took full advantage and went for a ride and a little hike on a friend’s property, in the heart of the Green Mountains, where we saw the most spectacular views!

Views from the Green Mountains

Views from the Green Mountains 3 Views from the Green Mountains 2

And while we were hiking, we came across an old homestead and some beautiful hand-laid foundations.

It amazes me that people took the time to build foundations and homesteads like these back then and I love to come across them in the woods. You can almost feel their lives and the evidence left behind tells so much about their story. Their struggles. And their joys. 

Nowadays, we just back a truck in and dump some concrete into neat, personality-less, little boxes. It’s sad.

We, the people of the future, are so lazy, aren’t we?

Hand-laid Foundation Hand-laid Foundation 2

On our hike, I found this gorgeous piece of white birch bark that I’m saving for a special project.

I hope it comes out the way I’ve envisioned it in my mind, but you’ll have to wait on that…I’ll share soon!

White Birch Bark

White Birch Bark

If I could choose any time to live in, it would be then. The time of discovery in America, the time of finding a new world.

Yes, they had their struggles. It was rough, it was hard and cold and dirty and poor. But, it was a simple, honest life that you could be proud of at the end of your days.


My youngest sister (12 years younger than me!) is getting married and I’m super excited to be making her wedding invitations. It’s the first time I’ve ever made invitations for an immediate family member, though. And it’s a little daunting.

So, I’m doing something totally different than the invitations I’ve been selling in the shop and I’m having so much fun with them.

They’re more handmade. Less digital. And I’m finding myself in love with the hands-on process of making them.

In fact, I’m hoping to do more like these for the shop.

Here’s a sneak peek…

Tara's Invitation

Tara’s Invitation

Another House Portrait…

I managed to find a little time this week to draw another house portrait.

English Cottage - Line Drawing

English Cottage – Line Drawing

This one is an English Cottage design from the 1920s.

Here’s the house portrait all colored in with watercolor pencils…

English Cottage - Watercolor Pencils

I found the inspiration on Pinterest…so I went ahead and created a new board titled Vintage Homes, so I can collect all the gorgeous little houses that I want to draw.

Original English Cottage House Plans

Original English Cottage House Plans

Why Vintage, you ask? Because I LOVE them.

As I said above, we build everything in neat little boxes today and honestly, I find today’s houses to be ugly. They lack character and there is never anything to set them apart from neighboring buildings.

Old houses tell stories. The hard-work and craftsmanship that went into old houses is practically a lost art and I think it’s important that we hold onto as much of that history as we can. In other words…STOP DEMOLITION and START REHABILITATION! We should be using what we already have instead of knocking it down and building new.

Here’s the final house portrait (after digital editing and printing)

English Cottage - Final Print

English Cottage – Final Print

What do you think? Should I offer these in the shop?

Send me a message and let me know…I’d love any feedback you have to offer. But, be nice. Please.

Have a Spectacular Day!

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Monday 14th of May 2018

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