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Spring Served Us Summer – For A Minute


spring served us summer cover


Spring served us summer – for a minute, recently. It got into the 80’s and even close to 90 one day. It was HOT!

We soaked it up the best we could knowing all too well that Vermont was just showing off and we would be back in jackets and close toed shoes again before we knew it. 

Monday came along and guess what? Brrr. Funny to think that these 40-50 degree days felt like a heat wave just a couple of weeks ago. 

We recently spent the better part of our days, for about a week and a half, outside….

It consisted of doing yard work, letting the kids run amok, grilling and soaking it all in. 

Each night has left us with the dire need of putting babes in tubs, cool pajamas, sun kissed foreheads and cheeks and early bed times.

If this is any indication how my families summer months will be spent I will be one happy mama.

It is the little things in life.  

Spring Served Us Summer 

Truly, I spent so much time just sitting back with a big grin on, seeing my girls in all their childhood glory, that I forgot to snap many pictures. 

A Warm Weekend at the Whalens

Not only did they get to get grounded all day with their toes in sand, damp lawn and mud trenches.

They also put on their boots from time to time and got their hands on shovels and rakes too!

My girls are such good little helpers around the house. 

They take a lot of pride in putting in work here on our homestead and the lessons that come along with it are honestly priceless. 

spring served us summer clean up

Spring Clean Up

We have been putting in many hours cleaning up the yard from the Winter months.

Some time was spent raking leaves and tidying up brush areas and we also broke down all of our old garden boxes. We plan to repurpose some of the wood to help build up our new boxes that will be significantly deeper!

We are working on some compost here at the property and the soil that laid in the boxes is rich so that will be incorporated back into the new boxes too! 

Also, there was stone delivered to lay down underneath a project we have upcoming as well!

Our girls lent a hand getting all of this prep and clean work done. They even helped shovel and rake materials into their smaller wheelbarrow and move it! 

New Camper Test Run

We got to do some yard camping in our new camper and it was a great way to test out how an overnight trip will go with our little ones. 

spring served us summer camper

spring served us summer food

This was really exciting for us all!

We got to cook a meal in the outdoor kitchen and play board games. Also, the girls got to test out their new camper bunk beds!

Waking up to and eating breakfast around the table and sip coffee has us incredibly enthusiastic for summer adventures. 

We have a handful of camping trips planned for this summer. However, finding balance between expanding the homestead and fulfilling our adventurous souls has been….challenging.

We hope to keep it simple enough at home that our absence for a couple of days won’t be too hard. But, amp it up enough to provide more for our family directly from our land. 

Why can’t we just have both? Says the woman with the soul built for both hermit life and adventure bound life. 

Remember to stay tuned throughout the Summer. I will be doing some reviews on our camping trips to give you insider details on some of the places we explore and campgrounds we lay our heads at. 

Picnic Time

We even got the opportunity to put our bathing suits on to dip our toes in the river and picnic! 

One way we vowed to be more budget friendly and frugal this Summer is to bring our own food when we do venture outwards. 

This will also keep us eating healthier!

Check out these recipes that are some of my families favorites for packing a picnic…

You might be snack picnic type of person and what goes great in that basket? Well cheese, nuts or maybe pickles? Yes please! Some of the best pickled recipes are right here…Check them out!

Now that I have gotten everybody itching for the next stretch of good weather maybe take this time to start your indoor Spring cleaning. That way when the sun shines through you can spend your time getting sun kissed faces too.

Don’t stress on where to start we can help you out. I use tips from Spring Cleaning Tips: Inside the House and to help keep myself feeling more organized and accomplished I make sure to have Spring Cleaning Tips and Tricks + A FREE Printable Checklist or  Free Printable Spring Daily Planner on hand. 

Here is to happier and healthier air and days ahead! Spring is springing!

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Love, light and a little grace…