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St. Patrick’s Day Menu

Are you in need of some Irish recipes to add to your St. Patrick’s Day Menu? Look no further! This post contains 6 delicious recipes that are just perfect for celebrating St. Paddy’s day with your family and friends.


St. Patrick’s Day Menu

If you can’t already tell, we kinda love St. Patrick’s Day around here.

It’s a great day to celebrate our Irish heritage while enjoying some traditional foods, music and of course, time with family.

So, come along with us, this year and enjoy the celebration in food!

Here’s a 6 delicious recipes to start with…

Slow Cooker Corned Beef and Cabbage Recipe - Food Life Design

This is the Corned Beef and Cabbage recipe that I’ve used for years and years. It’s the easiest way to make it and it’s pretty much no-fail! Just dump all your ingredients into the slow cooker, fill it with water and turn it on. Can’t really mess that up!


Guinness Glazed Corned Beef from Tammilee Tips

Guinness Glazed Corned Beef from Tammilee Tips

I really love my Corned Beef & Cabbage recipe (from above), but at some point…I’m going to have to try this recipe from Tammilee Tips, because the idea of pouring a Guinness glaze over my corned beef is just too good to pass up. I might win the “Wife of the Year Award”!


Irish Brown Bread from Food & Family

Irish Brown Bread from Food & Family

Traditional Irish Soda Bread is a staple at our St. Patrick’s Day family dinner, but my youngest daughter doesn’t like it. So, this year, I promised to make some Irish Brown Bread for her instead. I found this recipe on Pinterest from Food & Family and honestly, that picture looks good enough to eat. I’ll let you know how it comes out!


Cheddar Potato Rolls from Handle the Heat

Cheddar Potato Rolls from Handle the Heat

I haven’t tried this recipe yet, but it’s also on my St. Patrick’s Day Menu this year, because, well…I have to try it!

I love cheese, especially cheddar and potato is one of my favorite types of bread. So, I’ll let you know how they come out!


Irish Pasties from Favorite Family Recipes

The Donovan’s Irish Pasties from Favorite Family Recipes

Irish Pasties are another favorite around here! We learned about them a couple of years ago from a TV cooking show that my husband was watching. (I’m sorry, I don’t remember which one!) But, at the time, he was commuting back and forth from NY to VT every week and I was making and baking all his food to take with him each week. So, when we saw this recipe, we thought it would be great for traveling. He loved them for the ease of eating while driving or working, plus of course, the flavor! But we’ve since made a variety of flavors.


We make Colcannon every year around St. Patrick’s Day. It’s a special meal that my oldest daughter and I look forward to every year. But, this delicious looking soup from Simply Recipes looks good enough (and easy enough!) to eat year round!

I hope you’ve enjoyed perusing our St. Patrick’s Day Menu! We can’t wait to sit down to our feast tonight!

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