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Top 5 Children’s Store Bought Bathtime Washes with Clean Ingredients

Having three little ones that all have my sensitive skin I have learned the ropes in what does or doesn’t work for us, all the while advocating for cleaner ingredient products for my family. Here is a wonderful list of my top 5 children’s store bought bathtime washes with clean ingredients….

There are SO many options out there for children’s store bought bathtime washes when it comes to haircare, bath wash, lotions, sunscreens, etc. The large array of products and lines is a lot to take in and then add in having a child with sensitive skin or an allergy and it can seem almost impossible to find the right brand. 

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Top 5 Children’s Store Bought Bathtime Washes with Clean Ingredients

Hello Bello Shampoo & Body Wash

Hello Bello is a line for children that offers products with clean ingredients that are free from artificial dyes, fragrances and parabens. Their products include extracts such as avocado, cucumber, calendula and aloe vera to aide in soothing and also moisturize with things like sunflower seeds oils. They focus away from common allergens like peanuts, gluten, dairy and soy. 


Dr. Bronners Pure Castile Liquid Soap

Castile soap has more than one good use, it can be used as a body cleanser but also for your face, laundry or even to wash your dishes. It is unscented and contains olive oil and hempseed oil. This product is not tear free as most baby washes are so it might need to be diluted and used with care so that it does not go into the child’s eyes. However- still top rated amongst families that prefer clean alternatives for personal care!


Burt’s Bees Baby Shampoo and Body Wash

The formula for this wash is plant based, making it a really great natural product. The moisturizers contain essential minerals and Vitamin B that keep your skin soft but without any extra chemicals! It is a wonderful go-to for the sensitive skinned kiddos.


FairyTales Rosemary Repel Daily Shampoo + Conditioner 

This product is strictly for lice prevention and so necessary, especially for the school aged children. Using natural herbs and plant extracts daily can make a significant difference in the probability of a lice contraction for your child and home. Some of the oils that are incorporated in the blend are rosemary, tee tree, citronella, and peppermint. Lavendar and chamomille are some of the makeup to help hydrate and soothe. 


Earth Mama Simply Non-Scents Castile Baby Wash

Being cruelty free and unscented really puts this wash at the top. Including coconut oil, olive oil, shea butter and more makes this product desirable for those seeking out clean options. Including no sulfates, fragrances or preservatives makes it a great choice for those with sensitive skin in the family.  

Some of the things that I look out for when purchasing children’s store bought bathtime washes are added fragrances. There are so many different chemicals associated with added fragrances. This doesn’t mean that all are bad- natural oils and herbs can bring some delightful smells to your products. 

Nutrition is not the only thing you need to keep in mind when wanting a clean intake for your children’s body and health! But also all or any of the products that are applied onto their body and skin. 

Chemicals, additives, preservatives and more can cause a whole plethora of health issues and cleaner ingredients can benefit your family in so many ways. 

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