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Summer Side Hustles for Extra Cash

Now that pandemic restrictions have lifted substantially, opportunities abound for side hustles. The extra cash will surely come in handy for monthly bills or to help save for that long, overdue vacation.

Summer side hustles this year include seasonal jobs along with tasks related to travel and childcare. Capitalizing on demands in these areas will ensure your side hustle is successful all summer long.


Gardening | Seasonal Work

Seasonal Side Hustles

It’s summer, so any side hustle that caters to summer needs will be well received.

This includes yard work, landscaping, lawn mowing, and weeding.

Another typical seasonal job is life-guarding, but anything to do with swimming will be a hit and therefore a money maker.

This might mean scouring the dollar store for sand toys that you put together into a “beach kit” and sell to parents.

It’s all about capitalizing on convenience.

If gardening is your thing, consider planting extra crops and selling the produce.

Or, you could make plant clippings and proliferate easy house plants to sell.

Better yet! Plan and design complete gardens for your clients.


Travel Work

Travel Side Hustles

Everyone is dreaming of travel right now, so side hustles that make that easier for people will do well.

This includes pet sitting, house sitting, yard watering, itinerary planning, house renting, etc.

People want to leave without worry, knowing their pets, plants, and home will be in the same condition in which they left them.

A clever side hustle is helping your “clients” rent out their homes while they are gone.

You handle the logistics and get a cut of the money; your client gets to go on vacation and have part of it paid for by renting their empty home.


Childcare Side Hustles

Childcare Side Hustles

After more than a year of pandemic quality time at home, parents are desperate for a break from their kids.

Side hustles that involve entertaining kids or relieving parents of their duties will be successful.

Something as simple as babysitting can net you $15-$20 per hour.

If you babysit at their home, toss in an offer to clean for a small extra fee.

However, many parents want their house to themselves, so you could offer to take the kids to a park or a pool instead.

Even if you don’t babysit, you could create craft kits or bags of entertainment for kids.

Parents will happily buy something that will keep their kids busy and quiet for a few hours.

If you want a successful side hustle, take the time to craft a plan and ensure it answers a current need. This may change from season to season and year to year.

I wish you much luck with whatever side hustle you decide to embark on!


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