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Sunday Blessings On The Homestead

We were full of Sunday blessings on the homestead this weekend. Spending the day celebrating family, togetherness and surrounded by simple things that bring us gratefulness!

These Sundays always seem to be the most valuable of our time together as a family. We allow ourselves time to slow down, talk more, do things that bring us joy or even make chores a family effort. This in turn makes us feel more satisfied with the quality time spent together!

Most Sundays I try to end our weekend with a filling scratch dinner but sometimes the day gets away from us and we end up going with an easy option like last night, with French Bread Pizza Burgers: Just 4 Ingredients! 


Sunday Blessings On The Homestead

I thought I would take you through our blessed Sunday with a photo tour. We spent time in the garden, splashing in puddles, making small harvest gifts for friends, slow back road cruises and dinner with a movie screen on our deck! 

sunday berries


We strolled around the yard and collected the last bits of blackberries before our harvest season is over. I have made so many delicious things with these berries this summer like scones, muffins, pancakes and tiny batches of fresh jam!


sunday carrots


We pulled all of our carrots from the soil. It was such a great harvest! We got an abundance to put away in our freezer for the colder months. I think we will have about 10 months worth of fresh garden carrots to pull from the freezer and enjoy with our meals. 

I will spend the next couple of days processing these beauties. Stay tuned, there will be a step by step tutorial on how to put them away and keep them tasting like you just pulled them out of the garden to cook. 


blessings basil


We clipped some purple basil to add to dishes this week and to add to our harvest basket to gift to a friend. This basil is not only gorgeous in color and flavor but SO fragrant. Basil is one of my all time favorite smelling herbs! It makes me want to slice a tomato immediately to pair. 


blessing sun


The day was perfect. Sunny and warm but with a slight breeze reminiscent of a fall day. 


blessing sunday beet


Our beet harvest was much smaller than past years however it was still so much fun! I plant a mixed batch of beets so I never know what I will get. I absolutely love being surprised by the gorgeous variations of colors as I pull them from the ground. It also makes for a heavenly beet plate with different layers of flavors!


blessings on sunday evening



And an easy dinner and movie on the deck to finish it all off. A blessed Sunday. One that reminds you that home is the most sacred place and the best people in your life are the one you share it with. 


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Love, light and a little grace…