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The Good and the Beautiful Review

I mentioned in a previous article that here on the Whalen homestead we have started our homeschooling journey! After much research we decided on The Good and the Beautiful for our curriculum. Today I wanted to give you an insider’s review from a brand new homeschooling mama. 

This journey has been such a beautiful one thus far. The connection I have gotten back with my daughters is something unmatched. To think back on the amount of time we lost together as a family when they spent so much of their time at public school hurts my heart! We crammed so much into our few select hours together in the evenings and ended up exhausted on the weekends.

Now, we can take our time in learning. We make the experiences more memorable and have the ability to teach more real life skills like cooking, gardening, preserving, in home skills and skills of tending our homestead and livestock! 

The Good and the Beautiful Review

What led us to the decision of going with The Good and the Beautiful was that it was a very nature based curriculum. It focused a lot on the child having the ability to connect with our earth, nature, poetry, and art. 

We decided to purchase, to start, the Math and Language Arts sets for our first and second grader. Both of the curriculums have such beautiful and interactive lessons. Our girls are enjoying learning through them immensely! 

The illustrations are stunning and there is so much appreciation for God’s creations in the pages. The lessons challenge them but keep them intrigued. 

For the quality and quantity of materials provided the price is very reasonable, and they also offer PDF printing options for those whom would rather opt out of purchasing the hardcover book.

In addition the website has many other subjects like History & US Constitution, Science, Reading, Handwriting, and many wonderful electives that they offer to purchase items for. They also have learning apps and YouTube channels that anyone can utilize in their homeschool journey. 

They have learning videos and audio books available to browse and use in your daily learning. 


good and beautiful math

good and beautiful inside

good and beautiful box


All in all if you are looking for a nature or Faith based homeschool curriculum then this would be perfect for your home! It is not too biblical so if that is not your focus this could still work wonderfully for your family. 

If you keep an eye on their website they often have good deals and sales. Also, they have a wonderful book list! 

Any age child can benefit, as there is curriculum all the way through high school aged grades.

Go ahead and do some browsing for yourself, here! You can view the items available in sample pages, too. 

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