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Tips To Declutter The Play Room

With the new year beginning we always make it a point to do a big purge, rotation and donation of items in the kid’s play room! It can be a big task so I wanted to take you along on my journey of tips to declutter the play room so that you can get the job done efficiently.

These tips are ones that I use several times a year but with the new year purge I often go…big!

We sort through every item and take some time to make decisions about what our hearts are still attached to and what another family might benefit more from having in their home.

It is a wonderful lesson when we go through that process of donating several boxes!

Tips To Declutter The Play Room

Proper Storage Bins

One of the best things that we did was make a purchase for some larger storage bins. We decided to get a set of soft bureaus that would give us the amount of space that we needed for both of our older children’s toys and materials.  

The first bureau is for craft, art and busy supplies, whereas the other is used for small toys and activities that come with lots of small pieces. This one if great for things like playdough and accessories, doll house accessories, Legos and other small scale pieces to stay organized!

The particular storage unit we purchased is from Target! For under $100 it has provided us with all of the space we need to keep the kids play room tidy for when we convert it into a guest space when we have overnight company.

target desk

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Rotate Those Toys


Every couple of months we do a toy rotation. This is putting away some of the toys the kids have played with too frequently and lost some interest in and bringing out some of the since forgotten about toys.

It gives us the challenge to think about the toy we are tucking away and if it still holds enough importance to keep!

With the new year we take this practice to the next level by fully re-arranging the room. It gives it a fresh feel and the kids get a new play room! The children’s attention will be drawn to areas and activities they had forgotten that they had!


Create A Weekly Chart 

By creating a weekly chart to help you complete your project but also maintain your organization going forward. 

You may create one for yourself but also a tidy up chart for the kids.

You can even allow rewards for staying on track with tidying and keeping the clutter to a minimal by allowing a free play day. These days would be where we create larger games involving several toy sets and they can remain out and in play mode for the weekend!


declutter play

“an organized craft room” by bluishorange is licensed under CC BY 2.0.


Remember to allow yourself some grace in these large style projects!

They are very much worth the feel of a fresh slate to start off the new year and to give the children some opportunities to learn about kindness, giving and responsibility!


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Love, light and a little grace…