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Top 5 Favorite Free Homeschool Resources

This being our first year homeschooling I have been getting my feet wet with all of the resources that are available to families to help keep our days active, interesting and ever changing! So, I thought I would share with you all what our top 5 favorite free homeschool resources are!

Top 5 Favorite Free Homeschool Resources

I am schooling younger grades, (1 & 2), but most of these resources are good for even older age groups and grade levels. 

For us, even with some structured subjects, we need spontaneous and to switch things up here and there. 

With some of these other resources it changes the style of our learning for a particular subject or even our entire day!


Teachers Pay Teachers

This incredible website offers full lessons, worksheets, and even printouts to make classroom themes/billboards and more! While some does require payment, there is a large selection of free materials. 

It is easy to navigate and find what you are in need by selecting the filters that would work best for you like grade, subject and free or not!

All of your typical subjects have content, but the website also includes things like speech therapy, social emotional, health, cooking, life skills, and more. 


The Good and the Beautiful

While we have purchased both the Math and Language Arts curriculums through this company, they also offer a print at home option, so that you don’t have to purchase their hard copies should you want to opt out.

They also have several other, completely free, learning opportunities. 

There are two different apps available on their website. One of which is videos, songs, books and games for several subjects. The other is a learning to spell app. 

You can also check out their YouTube channel that is packed to the brim with learning content, science experiments, and fun educational videos! 


StarFall, FunBrain & ABCMouse

All three of these online sites or apps have both purchasable and free content. Mostly in the form of educational videos and games it will keep your little ones engaged and learning in a fun manner! 

You have the option to lock more content if you want to purchase a subscription at a reasonable cost.

All are very interactive and geared towards fun learning! You will also see a lot of reading challenges and games that help tremendously with beginner readers.

Another incredible mention is to be sure to check out your local library. Not only will they have a lot of educational books and media but most also carry discount passes to local learning establishments like science museums!

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