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Top 7 Ways to Make Money On Your Blog

Looking to boost your blogging income? Check out my top 7 ways to make money on your blog to get started!

They say it takes 7 income streams to become a millionaire. If that’s true, then it explains why so many people struggle to make ends meet each month with just one or two incomes.

Maybe they should teach that in school instead of forcing students into choosing a single life long career…

However, despite the lack of teaching, many people today are pushing forward and creating a variety of side hustles and second incomes!

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Blogging is by far one of the biggest side hustles at the moment and if you’re anything like most bloggers, then you’re looking for ways to boost your blog income.

That’s why you clicked on this post, right? Awesome!

Whether you’re a new blogger just getting started with a money-making blog or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for ways to expand, you’re sure to find new ways to up your game with my top 7 ways to make money on your blog, shared below.

So, let’s get started…

Top 7 Ways to Make Money On Your Blog

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Sell Physical Products

Set up an Etsy shop and list your products. Write about your shop and use links (from your shop) to cross promote your products.


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Sell Digital Products

Open a new shop on Etsy and sell digital products that customers can download instantly. Here’s a list of 7 Ways to Earn Passive Income on Etsy and 10 Printables You Should Sell on Etsy to help you come up with ideas.


Sell Other People’s Products to Make Money on Your Blog

Sign up for marketing networks such as ShareaSale, FlexOffers and Amazon Affiliates. Then, join the individual companies that you love and start sharing them with your readers.

For example, the image above is an affiliate link for Amazon. If you click the link and purchase that beautiful gift basket (for say, a gift for your mother this coming mother’s day), I’ll receive a small commission from the company, but your price will stay the same.


Make Money On Your Blog: Sell Ad Space


Make money on your blog by placing simple ads within your content or in your sidebar. The best company to sign up for when you are just getting started is Google Adsense.

It doesn’t cost a thing to sign up, the ads are easy to set up and you can start earning money as soon as your ads are in place.

Once your new blog has reached 25,000 monthly sessions, sign up for Mediavine.

It’s free to sign up, once you’ve reached the minimum monthly sessions and then, they do all the ad management for you! That way, you can concentrate on writing and building your blog, instead of worrying about ad placement.


Teach Something

Sign up to become an instructor for Udemy and start offering classes about things that your blog readers want to learn. Share information about your classes, along with a few extra tips for free, on your blog to get readers to sign up.


“”by InspectedbyNo27 is licensed under CC BY-ND 2.0

Write Sponsored Posts

Sign up for IZEA and start bidding. You’ll be given a list of relevant topics for your blog. Each time a sponsor accepts your bid, you write the article and then get paid.


Make Money On Your Blog: Offer Services

Offer a Service to Make Money on Your Blog

Consider offering a service that you can provide for your customers. Are you good at writing, drawing or organizing?

Sell your services as a freelance writer, an illustrator, a professional organizing coach, a cake baker or a candlestick maker.

Set an hourly wage or per product price and create a landing page on your blog where you can direct potential clients and customers to purchase your services. Then, write blog posts about your services and why they are such a good offer.

I hope these ideas have inspired you to get out there and creating new ways to make money on your blog!

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