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Traveling Montreal: What I Did and What You Should Do, Too

Montreal has got to be one of the easiest and most comfortable cities I’ve ever traveled to. The ambiance. The people. The bustling city life. I was in awe and loved every minute of it. So… Here’s what I did while traveling Montreal and what you should do, too!

Where to Stay

We stayed at the spectacular Queen Elizabeth Fairmont in downtown Montreal. Inside the hotel, you’ll find three different restaurants and a coffee shop, Krema, where my sister and I spent most of our time. 


The concierge was incredibly helpful, kind, and considerate of our million questions about where to go, how to get there, etc. 

The rooms were small, but quaint. The beds were well made, clean, and incredibly comfortable. Our room even had a view of the tallest building in Montreal where we eventually ate a wonderful meal on the 44th floor! (See Where to Eat!)


Overall, I was very impressed with our stay at The Queen Elizabeth! We even loved the interactive floor in the basement that led right to the underground city!


Where to Eat

The first restaurant we ate at was The Modavie! Google described it as a “jazzy” joint, but I personally would call it a gastropub. For a casual lunch, it was a little above my price range, even with the conversion. But, it was very good and the server was incredibly considerate of my gluten allergy! Overall, I’d give it 4/5 stars!


The Keg, housed in the underground city, was the next big stop for food! What you are seeing here friends is escargot stuffed mushrooms and LET ME TELL YOU! Never did I ever think I’d be eating snails, but when in Rome (or … Montreal?). They were, however, phenomenal and I am so thankful to my aunt for encouraging me to try them! Otherwise, I ordered a steak and salad, and – although it was cooked very well – it wasn’t the best thing I had on that trip. Overall, I’d give the snail a 6/5 stars and the steak a 4/5!


BY FAR my favorite meal, view, and service from this trip was at Les Enfants Terribles. Les Enfants Terribles is on the 44th floor – the top floor – of the tallest building in Montreal. The views were breathtaking, the food was incredible, and the server was so kind. I, in true Kayden fashion, ordered a steak and salad, but as a starter we ordered a mini brie. It was so decadent and they even offered different chips for me to use. I was thoroughly impressed and will be going back! Overall, I’d give this hidden gem 10/5 stars! (Because it’s my rating scale anyway!)


What to Do

My biggest recommendation for traveling Montreal would be to explore the underground city. It is miles and miles of mall-like experiences.


We spent almost a whole day shopping in the underground city and I bought a beautiful, handmade leather bag from m0851. The bag is gorgeous and exactly what I wanted for a souvenir!


Another place we went was the Biodome! The Biodome was one of the coolest places we visited, especially the rain forest exhibit. We also went to the “tundra” and the “maple forest” two places that seemed oddly familiar coming from Vermont!


The Notre-Dame Basilica of Montreal was breathtaking and a must see if you’re staying in Montreal. A quick walk from our hotel led us through this wondrous building that you must see even if you’re not spiritual/religious. The architecture alone was enough to keep us there for hours!

Montreal quickly became one of my favorite cities to visit and I am so thankful that it’s such a quick trip! I know I will be back and I hope you all will take a chance on the city, too!

And…call me crazy, but I hope you spend time traveling Montreal in the winter to experience the true life of a Québécois!

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<3 Kayden