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Make-Buy-Do: 27 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be only a “Hallmark Holiday.” Here are 27 great Make-Buy-Do – Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him!

These ideas are going to help you create a Valentine’s Day for your guy that is full of customized love showcasing that extra mile romantic planning.

Whether you are crafty, prefer to shop or would rather give an experience over a gift I have ideas for you!

These gifts are great for a wide range of guy “types.” Do you have a hopeless romantic? A beer lover? An adventurers soul? I’ve got it and so much more.

Make- Buy- Do: 27 Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Him

9 Gift Ideas For Him – To MAKE

  1. Jar of Love: Fill a mason jar with 25-50 reasons you love him! He can pick one out at random when he needs a pick me up.
  2. Bake: Whip up his favorite sweet! Add in some Valentine’s love with added decor.
  3. Ticket book: Book of tickets for date nights geared towards his interests!
  4. Custom beer labels: A custom pack of his favorite beer with redone labels by you! 
    • Drunk on Love.
    • Will You Beer Mine?
    • You Tapped Into My Heart.
    • Stout For My Stud.
  5. Man bouquet: A bouquet filled with scratch tickets and his favorite candy bars! 
  6. Photo balloons: Fill a hallway or bedroom with Polaroids or photo print outs of your adventures hung from balloons. 
  7. DIY beard care: Make your own beard oil or beard balm. 
  8. Open later letters: Write, seal and date letters to be opened at later dates. 
    1. When I Am Away
    2. After An Argument
    3. When You Miss Me
    4. When We Need A Spark
    5.  Our Anniversary
  9. Dinner & movie: Simply think of them! Cook their favorite meal followed by their favorite movie.


9 Gift Ideas – To BUY

  1. Custom Wallet: Engraved with their name, a treasured design or wedding lyrics.
  2. Customized Watch: A watch with a custom band or photo engraved.
  3. Compass: For your adventures together.
  4. Tackle box or lures: Customize a stocked tackle box for your next fishing date!
  5. Money clip: Easily engraved and customized and perfect for a small- meaningful gift.
  6. Coffee mug: Make it more personal with a picture printed or mod podge on the side. 
  7. Pocket knifeWith his name wood burned.
  8. BBQ ToolsWhat guy doesn’t love a new set of bbq utensils?


Valentine's Day Gift Ideas to Make For Him- To Do

9 Gift Ideas- To DO

  1. Snowshoe & a picnic: Pack up a picnic and blaze a trail all the while taking in the winter wonderland.
  2. Beer Tour: Map out a brewery hop to get flights of his favorite brews!
  3. Axe Throwing: A new and fun activity in many cities.
  4. Escape room: Check to see if there is one in your area. It will challenge you and your spouse to work together!
  5. Comedy night: Laughter is key in any relationship! Have a night of lighthearted fun.
  6. Plan a vacation: Spend some time planning out a night, or week, away!
  7. Live music: Go see some live music. Even if it’s at the corner bar down the road.
  8. Coffee date: Go grab a hot morning coffee and discuss your week ahead.
  9. Back to the basics: Revisit a place you went to at the beginning of your relationship. Let those honeymoon sparks fly again!

I hope that you enjoyed some of these ideas for Valentine’s Day gifts for him. No matter what your preference, or your guys, you can use one of these to keep the romance alive!

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