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29 Vegetables that Grow in Shade

Love to garden, but think you don’t get enough sun in your yard for the plants to grow? Think again! Here’s a list of 29 vegetables that grow in shade – minimal sun necessary! 

Hello! I hope you’re doing awesome today! The weather is finally warming up here in Vermont and it’s almost time to get some seeds started outside! So, today I’m sharing 29 vegetables that grow in shade.

29 Vegetables You Can Grow in Shade - Food Life Design

We live pretty deep in the valley of the Green Mountains and therefore, get very little sun throughout the day.

On a good day, we’re lucky if the main part of our garden gets 6 hours of sun and other parts are happy to see just 2 or 3 hours.

So, it’s really important that we plant a lot of vegetables that like the shade.

And lucky for us, we like to eat most of those things, too!

As I mentioned awhile back, with everything going on in the world, I really want to up my garden game this year.

My ultimate goal is to grow enough fruits and vegetables to freeze, dehydrate and/or can for the winter.

But, you know…

Best laid plans and all.

With the lack of sunshine in our garden and the ultra-short growing season we have here in Vermont, it’s certainly a lofty goal.

But, then, I’m not exactly known for choosing the easy route on things anyway.

Nothing worth having comes easy.

So, I’m going to give it a go.

We’ll see what happens…

But, wouldn’t it be SO nice to have enough fruits and vegetables for the winter without having to buy them at the grocery store?!

29 Vegetables that Grow in Shade - Food Life Design

Are you in the same boat?

Does your yard provide a whole lot more shade than sun?

Don’t stress! If you’re paddling the same shady river as me, know that you totally CAN grow vegetables in the shade!

You’ve just got to be a little more picky about what you plant…

Throwing a bunch of tomato seeds under a big, old shady pine tree will not provide you with hundreds of tomatoes come seasons end!

But, sprinkle some lettuce seeds in there and you might just have enough salad to last through the summer.

So, without further babble…let’s talk about these yummy veggies that you can start growing right away!

29 Vegetables that Grow in Shade

Full Shade

  1. Leaf Lettuce
  2. Swiss Chard
  3. Arugala
  4. Watercress
  5. Collard Greens
  6. Rhubarb
  7. Spinach
  8. Mache
  9. Mint

Partial Shade

  1. Green Onions
  2. Beets
  3. Carrots
  4. Bush Beans
  5. Radish
  6. Kale
  7. Leeks
  8. Peas

Part Sun

  1. Cabbage
  2. Pole Beans
  3. Celery
  4. Brussels Sprouts
  5. Broccoli
  6. Asparagus
  7. Cauliflower
  8. Potatoes
  9. Garlic
  10. Cherry Tomatoes
  11. Squash
  12. Cucumbers
  13. Zucchini

Well, there you have it! That’s a whole lotta vegetables that grow in shade.

Can someone please tell my husband? Plants really can grow in the shade!

I hope this list helps you get started on the path to growing your own food, too!

Even if you don’t get a lot of sun…

29 Shade Loving Vegetables - Food Life Design

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