Welcome to Vermont and Future Plans

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Welcome to Vermont and Future Plans

Welcome to Vermont!

It’s official! We made the move to Vermont…finally. It was a long road to travel to get here. After taking 5 months to find a house, it took another 2 months to close on our new home. It seemed like forever. Since we’re finally here and “sorta” settled in, I thought today would be a great day to let you know what my future plans are for the business.

But first, here’s a few shots of our new home and the surrounding area…

Vermont 1 Vermont 3 Closing Day is Upon Us screenshot_2016-09-18-17-22-27-1.png

Inside pictures to come when there aren’t so many boxes lying around!

The future of VLHamlin…

Food Life Design by VLHamlin

On the Blog

I want VLHamlin.com to become the “hub” of my business. Lots of new stuff is coming your way! I have high hopes of turning this little blog into your “go-to” place to find budgeting tips, recipes, how-to’s, gift ideas and everything else you need to make your life just a little bit easier.

In addition to posting articles, recipes and tutorials, I’ll also be sharing new products, as well as offering some giveaways, coupons and more freebies. Who doesn’t want more freebies?

I’m not going to pay so much attention to what “the professionals” says about how to build a blog. It seems like everyone has “the secret” to making a blog successful and honestly, their ideas don’t work for everyone.

From now on, I’m winging it when it comes to the “right way” to do this blogging thing. I have so many ideas to share with you and following “the rules” doesn’t allow me to do that, so I’m doing it my way in the future.

Apple Cranberry Cobbler 3 Spicy Hawaiian Meatballs 2 Strawberries and Cream Sangria 2 save money on groceries without clipping coupons How to Host a Bake Sale




As of now, I am up to five 2017 calendars and over 300 other printables for you to choose from, including planners, cards, gift tags and more. I will continue to add more printables weekly, but I’ll be changing a few things as time goes on.

First, I’m getting rid of printed items. It just didn’t work out the way I had hoped and so, I’m sticking to printables. You seem to like those better and honestly, it gives me more time to create new products for you.

My hope is to create more of a passive income with VLHamlinDesign. I love to design new printables and I want to focus my time on creating more for you and less time on advertising and marketing products that you don’t seem to be interested in anyway.

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And speaking of new products…I’ll be introducing a whole other sector to the VLHamlin business!



Welcome to The Soapery by VLHamlin

Back in 2005, I ran a small soap-making business. I sold some on Etsy and I went to local craft markets, but at the time, I had so much on my plate that I had to take something off. Unfortunately, the soap was it. While I really loved designing new soaps, it took up a lot of my time and with 2 kids homeschooling, running a daycare and a stationery business, it was too much.

Now, things are a bit different. Both kids are in school, I’m no longer run a daycare and I have a little bit more free time. The girls are growing up and they don’t need their Mama’s help quite as much. So, the soap is making a comeback.

I decided on the name “The Soapery” because I love to bake and I love to make stationery. So, with the idea of creating a new word from “Bakery” and “Stationery“, the word Soapery was born. It seems fitting, don’t you think? Also, all of my new soap will made with food in mind, mostly desserts. I plan to make all my soap deliciously scented with the fragrances of cakes, cookies, pies and more.

I’m currently working on designing and building a new Etsy shop for The Soapery, but I’ll be getting started soon.

In the meantime, here’s a few sneak peeks at soap I’ve made in the past…

Cinnamon Apple Spice Soap Cranberry Apple Crisp Soap Fudge Ripple Soap Mocha Frappe Soap Vanilla Hazelnut Cookies

I’m super excited about starting up “The Soapery” and I can’t wait to share all of my new ideas with you. So, be sure to stay tuned…this is sure to be interesting!

Have a Great Day!


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