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What Is For Dinner? Our Weekly Meal Plan #13

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Stop wondering “what is for dinner”? Check out our dinner menu below for some yummy inspiration.

Do you spend hours each night wondering what is for dinner?

You get home from work…you’re tired…but the kids and the husband are begging for food and you don’t have a clue what you’re going to make…nor do you really care.

So, you run to the drive-thru or you whip up some frozen pre-made dinner and then, you feel guilty for serving your family such crap… Am I right?

I know I am – I’ve been there. And it sucks. Like a lot.

But, it doesn’t have to be that way!

Yes, this will require a little bit of planning…a little bit of thinking ahead, but otherwise preparing healthy and delicious meals for your family doesn’t have to be hard. And it doesn’t have to take forever to do it, either.

I mean, seriously, Rachael Ray created a multi-million dollar company because of her 30-minute meals. You don’t need to spend hours in your kitchen to serve your family a good, home-cooked dinner.

So, stop wasting your time, my friend.

I’ve got you covered!

Every week here on Food · Life · Design, I post a dinner menu plan that includes links directly to the recipes and ALL of the recipes include photos, so you can see what your meal should like like when you’re done. Easy peasy!

No more stressing over What Is For Dinner!

So, here you go  – this week’s dinner menu…featuring a new recipe from Small Town Woman on Sunday!


Our Dinner Menu for the Week of 8/6/18

Monday – Leftovers from Last Night

TuesdayMeatball Subs and Homemade French Fries

WednesdayGrilled Chicken Salad

ThursdayCheeseburger Macaroni

Friday – Homemade Chinese Takeout: Pineapple Chicken

SaturdayPizza Burger Puffs

SundayBreakfast Grilled Cheese (from Small Town Woman) and Cherry Berry Nectarine Fruit Salad

Download this free weekly menu planner with a grocery list to get started!

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