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White Mountain Inspect Repellent Review

I have struggled for years to find the “right” insect repellent. You too? Read my review on White Mountain Insect Repellent to see if you might want to make the change too!

When I say that I’ve been searching for years I mean my entire life. I am a bug magnet! The moment I step outside you will find a swarm of whatever bug is nearby.

Being an outdoor enthusiast and spending as much time possible near water or in the woods hiking and exploring as a family means it is inevitable that we are always near some type of bug and it is so important to make sure you are protected!

I’ve also spent a good portion of the last 7 years pregnant or with small children. Deet sprays are not kid, animal or pregnant friendly and truly have never worked that great for me anyways.

white mountain repellent

White Mountain Insect Repellent was a stumbled on find by my sister in law in a sporting goods shop in Southern NH. She happened to have it with her during a family camping trip and I used some because I was in desperate need. 

Nearly 6 years ago I tried this repellent I have never gone back! 

Now- this product isn’t something you can just find anywhere.

It is a small mom and pops style operation. I once heard that it was still being made in the shop of the original old timer and distributed out by family.

You can get it directly off of their website or look for it in places like we found it – sporting stores or hardware stores. 

They even make sprays for horses and pets and have a special golfers formula! 

It keeps most if not all bugs away- known mostly for the black fly, mosquito and tick prevention.

You may apply it onto the skin as all of the oils are safe and doesn’t raise a concern about re-applying.

We won’t go to any outdoor function, camping or hiking without a bottle of this easily accessible. It has made such a difference that I don’t even worry about the kids being covered up at all!

repellent camp

“Camping (290)” by anjanettew is marked with CC BY-SA 2.0.


A quarter size drip of oil goes a long way so don’t be stunned at the cost of a 4 oz. bottle as one of those bottles will last our family of 5 almost an entire spring and summer…and we use it A LOT!

If this hasn’t convinced you yet that it is truly the go to insect repellent then this might..

There are only 4 ingredients that make up this all natural White Mountain Repellent.

That’s it! And they are all safe oils. 

  • Cedarwood oil – 4%
  • Cornmint oil – 4%
  • Citronella oil – 9%
  • Corn oil – 83%

So if you, like me, spend a good amount of your time in the garden or out amongst the wildflowers – I suggest you give this a try!

Happy bug free adventures!!

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