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Yard Sale Pricing: Tips to Get Your Customers to Buy More

Are you struggling to come up with appropriate yard sale pricing? Check out this post – it’s full of ideas to keep your prices low enough to satisfy customers, but high enough that you still make some money!

Yard Sale Pricing: Tips to Get Your Customers to Buy More

Yard Sale Pricing: Tips to Get Your Customers to Buy More

The process of yard sale pricing might be the hardest part of getting rid of your junk. In fact, it’s likely one of the main reasons that people don’t want to host a yard sale.

But, don’t let it stop you!

It’s not hard to set prices that will satisfy both you and your customer.

You just need to get a little tricky.

Not like slimy car salesman tricky…more like gentle coercion. 🙂

You want the customer to feel like they are getting a great deal…not you.

Because that, my friend, is what makes for a great yard sale!

A happy customer and less junk!

Here’s some tips on how to do it –

Yard Sale Pricing Tips to Get Your Customers to Buy More 2

Yard Sale Pricing

Keep It The Same

Organize your tables by price OR “like” items. Don’t make it difficult for customers to navigate. And don’t make them have to ask for the price.

Make sure every table (or item!) is clearly marked with a price.

For example – set up a large table and place all of your $5.00 items on that table. Hang a sign on the front of the table that states the price in clear, bold letters.

Or price all of your “like” items at the same amount.

For example – sell all of your adult sized jeans at $7.00 and your children’s jeans at $4.00. If they are in good condition, of course!

Always consider the condition of the product before placing a price on it. People are more likely to pay a good amount for clothing that appears to be new (even if it isn’t).

Keep your holey jeans for the freebie table. Old jeans are frequently upcycled by crafters.

Offer Freebies

Seriously, I know you want to make some money. But you have to have a table full of freebies.

These can range from anything like happy meal toys to costume jewelry. If you paid less than a couple of bucks for it 10 years ago, then throw it on the free table.

Hang a sign at the front entry to yard sale that screams “FREE”! This will draw a lot more attention than a list of things you’re selling.

Create Package Deals

Do you have a lot of “like” items like t-shirts or kitchenware? Set up a table or two with similar items on each table.

Hang a sign at each table featuring a package deal like “Buy 5 – Get 1 Free” or “$2.00 ea. or 6/$10”.

Bargain hunters and yard sale shoppers love these types of deals because they feel like they’re getting a huge bargain! Wouldn’t you?

Have a “Bag Sale”

Set up a table or two featuring “bag sale” items. Place a box of bags nearby and allow customers to “fill the bag” for a certain, set price.

Kids clothing and toys are perfect for bag sales!

Not only are you going to get rid of a bunch of stuff at once, you’re helping a “new” mom save some money.

And we all know she’ll need to save as much as possible. Kids are expensive!

I hope my tips and suggestions help you set your yard sale pricing at the perfect rate for you and your customers!

May you sell out fast…

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